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  1. rabler

    OT: Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    Been down that road, not a lot of fun. Lots to consider in surgery vs. radiation. Too complicated to summarize, you'll need to do some reading/research. One good source on youtube, "Prostate Cancer Research Institute".
  2. rabler

    OT - Why would backpressure occur in a sprinkler system?

    Imagine you are on top of a hill, and the water main breaks at the bottom. Air can work its way up the main from the break, water can then flow back from the sprinkler lines down the hill into the main and contaminate drinking water. Most homes now have expansion tanks on the water heater, and...
  3. rabler

    Is a DNC-only machine livable

    Home shop - are you on power co 3 phase, or home converter? One of the big potential causes of RS-232 issues is earth ground noise. Home converter, especially an RPC, could contribute significantly to that, especially since the laptop isn't going to be running on the 3phase. It may make a...
  4. rabler

    OT - PTC Fuse to Protect Doorbell From Burnout?

    Should work, I did similar with a sprinkler system rather than replacing fuses all the time. You'll need to do some legwork. You're shooting for something around 2 amps (30VA/16V), but you need to look at how long you want to allow. And just because your transformer is rated 30VA, your...
  5. rabler

    Regardless you are a criminal

    I'm sure your lawyer would prefer your business than for you to resolve it. I also know that beauracrats that can sit at a desk and search the web for non-compliance seem to find particular delight in hunting down even the most remote possible violation. Politicians put laws in place...
  6. rabler

    rabler's Shop and Monarch Lathes Update

    Fortunately I have enough room to be able get around to the tailstock end and push/pull from there. If I had to slide it sideways while standing in front that would hurt.
  7. rabler

    10ee kinamatic 5hp brush and spring source?

    Haven't had a chance to measure, but here's a picture of worn out vs new.
  8. rabler

    rabler's Shop and Monarch Lathes Update

    Are you removing the tailstock? Or just a back breaker sliding it around? You probably know this already, but the tailstock on the CK has an oil reservoir to keep it sliding easily. I built a small jib crane over my CK to handle chucks, but have used it to hoist the tailstock off a couple...
  9. rabler

    rabler's Shop and Monarch Lathes Update

    Any idea what they're asking for a motor/gearbox? If I could find a matching 5HP kinematic it might be worth considering, although it this point it more an issue of time than money. Cleveland is definitely an overnight trip, not something I can do there and back in a day. That'll mean some...
  10. rabler

    rabler's Shop and Monarch Lathes Update

    If I were to do the 12"CK again I would have used a 5HP 1800RPM motor. Harder to find a VFD that is single phase in, 3 out at 5HP, but using an overrated 3in-3out would have done the trick. With the higher RPM motor some torque is lost for the same HP motor, so the 5HP would have been a better...
  11. rabler

    rabler's Shop and Monarch Lathes Update

    Hey folks Haven't been on here much in the last year. Just posting a personal update, so this is more social than technical. I think that is within the forum rules. I'm posting in the Monarch forum as that is my primary interest in PM and where I've posted the most previously. My use is...
  12. rabler

    Oil or Grease on this Monarch 10EE apron?

    I'm stretching my memory, but it looks like your machine includes the stops with the ELSR (electronic lead screw). I believe that does take grease, oil would just drain out, as it only accesses the immediate mechanism associated with the fine adjust on the ELSR stops in the apron (the smaller...
  13. rabler

    Series 60 value..

    Pulling some numbers out of the air ... Figure $1000 for as seen in pictures. Maybe add $200 for the taper attachment if it is complete. Add $1000 if you demonstrate it powered up (i.e., chuck spinning) Add $1000 if the bed wear is limited Add $1000 if the controls all work smoothly etc ...
  14. rabler

    Monarch 60/61 headstock gears

    Looks to me like someone shifted while it was spinning and broke out one of the dogs, probably by shifting without coming to something close to a full stop. Is that oil drip on the engaging gear in back, or is there damage on those teeth too?
  15. rabler

    HDPE or UHMW for well cover?

    Personally I'd go with metal roofing and a piece of cap molding.
  16. rabler

    Monarch 12CKK, Prepping to Get Back in Service

    If you do need to take it apart, I have plenty of pictures of the one in my 12CK. The Monarch parts diagram is particularly unhelpful. I think they just included a brief picture from the clutch OEM.
  17. rabler

    Monarch 12CKK, Prepping to Get Back in Service

    I suppose it would help, but to do it right wouldn't you have to lower the QCGB too?
  18. rabler

    Monarch 12CKK, Prepping to Get Back in Service

    If the half nut is left engaged and you try to use normal carriage feed, the carriage would be trying to move. But the half nuts on the stationary leadscrew would be holding it in place even if it is disengaged at the qcgb. Something would give ....
  19. rabler

    10EE electric carriage drive?

    Wild guess, but something left over from a mechanical tracer attachment would be my guess. My 612 had a plate and some partial hardware there, it had been originally an electronic tracer machine.
  20. rabler

    Monarch 12CKK, Prepping to Get Back in Service

    Looks to me like the biggest difference is the CK includes the feed/leadscrew reverse shaft in the apron, which also allows for setting stops. My CK doesn't include reverse, but I suspect from looking at the build sheet that the reverse on this CKK was an option. My '44 CK was a 3HP 6 pole...