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  1. 1yesca

    need help to i d this tool

    thanks ! you did light years better then i did i tried and came up with noting like that ! so thanks again .
  2. 1yesca

    need help to i d this tool

    i received some things the other day and this was in the mix [ insta- vise 200 ] i tried to look it up but could not find any info it if some one can help . thanks
  3. 1yesca

    FS delta Rockwell drill press parts

    sorry but i sold most of the parts ! i moved and all the parts i have are in storage at this time .
  4. 1yesca

    Fred Dibnah

    ya if all goes well you sleep in your bed that night ! if not its half a day with the undertaker !
  5. 1yesca

    Fred Dibnah

    did you like that ?
  6. 1yesca

    Logan Lathe Ball Turner

    map makers do something like that they will insert a street that dose not exist sort of a finger print
  7. 1yesca

    delta rockwell 17" drill press parts

    hi rick i will take a look and let you know
  8. 1yesca

    OT: Internal combustion engine portable power drill (fun video)

    that first one would be a pile driver or is a pile driver a cocktail made from vodka and prune juice
  9. 1yesca

    Help identify a very large puller please.

    now what would or how would they do that in Pakistan by the side of the road ?
  10. 1yesca

    Identifying this round

    The .22 Short was conceived in 1857 primarily as a personal-defense round and for use in gallery guns which per popular at fairs of the time. It consists of a .222 caliber bullet between 25 and 30 grains in a rimmed case 0.421 inches long containing 4 grains of black powder. The .22 Long uses...
  11. 1yesca

    Benchmaster MV-1

    nice . that vise looks right at home on it .
  12. 1yesca

    delta tail stock help to id it

    i have had this setting around for years would like to know what delta lathe it fits ! so i can find it a new home . thanks .
  13. 1yesca

    Mopar flexplates breaking like glass

    MOPAR = most our parts are rejects :rolleyes5: it would be nice if you could cheek the run out ! but how involved do you want to get ? crank to face of block parallel . flex plate to block parallel .then there is the converter is the hub on center with the pilot support . is the hub concentric...
  14. 1yesca

    WTS #9 Brown and Sharpe Horizontal Mill Arbor

    hi john good news the post just arrived and so did your payment so your arbor will be in the post next week i will send a tracking no. when i post your item have a great weekend , chris.
  15. 1yesca

    WTS #9 Brown and Sharpe Horizontal Mill Arbor

    not yet but the mail has not come today gets here at about 11 a.m. its about 9 a.m. now . i have been keeping an eye out for it and wondering myself . i will let you know one way or the other . chris.
  16. 1yesca

    How many gallons actually fit in a 55-gallon drum?

    with or without heads ? with a 42 gal. drum there may be insufficient head space ! and with a 55 gal drum excessive head space ! better ask the owl !
  17. 1yesca

    WTS #9 Brown and Sharpe Horizontal Mill Arbor

    u.s. tool co. inc. #9 Brown and Sharpe Horizontal Mill Arbor, 1″ Diameter x 1/4″ Key Way, 4″ Long, OAL 10-3/4″ . 5/8" pilot . $75 shipped conus payment check / money order
  18. 1yesca

    Tool Identification - What does this thing do?

    dam after knowing all that ! now i want one !