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  1. WizardOfBoz

    What is Your Favorite YouTube Training Video Series for Mig Welding New Guy?

    Kurtis, from Cutting Edge Engineering, has a LOT of videos where he is shown using welding, cutting, gouging, and such to repair heavy equipment. He tells you what he's using and why. Not a tutorial per se, but you may find his insight useful. Interesting as hell. And "Homeless", his...
  2. WizardOfBoz

    OT Ok now that I have quit smoking what do I do with my hands.

    When my Dad tried to reduce smoking he put his cigs in the bureau on the other side of the office from his desk. The phone would ring and Dad, sitting at his desk, would feel for his cigarette pack in his pocket and finding it not there, HE WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Seriously, he had a hard...
  3. WizardOfBoz

    Vibration dampening epoxy

    Plus eye of newt.
  4. WizardOfBoz

    Why do you use cast iron vs cheap mild steel?

    Dampening. IIRC vibrations are damped about 10 times faster in cast iron than in steel. Friction: Friction factor of cast iron to cast iron: 0.15. Friction factor of cast iron to steel: 0.23 If one extends this to "why don't we use steel for machine tool bases and saddles?" in steel you...
  5. WizardOfBoz

    Bridge Build

    My best buddy has a creek going through his back yard. It isolates him from about 1/3 of his property. He proposed putting a bridge over the span and the state (Wisconsin) told him "Go ahead. We'll come out, remove the bridge, charge you the cost of removing the bridge, and will then fine you...
  6. WizardOfBoz

    aluminum or steel?

    A flat belt headstock with solid babbit bearings? Probably 100-150 years old? Agree with 4GSR: post in antiques.
  7. WizardOfBoz

    Fix a miss aligned hole

    I suspect that if you use a file to enlarge the hole and counter sink the new hole, you will have a workable setup for a scroll saw table. If your hole is 3/16 off and you try to use a larger bolt, you have a couple of problems. First, you need nearly a 5/8 inch hole to ensure centrality to the...
  8. WizardOfBoz

    Options for creation a "U" bend

    You mention Diacro so I will assume that the number needed is in the 1-100 or so range. You could use a small manual bender. They often have a 3/4" diameter (your 3/8 radius), and you could probably turn a 5/8 radius pin...
  9. WizardOfBoz

    Why can't I copy this Thread??

    The rounded thread profile seems to be the same as what is found on plastic and glass bottles. Some info on the standard here. Because these threads are usually cast, not cut or rolled, you may have a hard time finding pre-made tools for that thread form. I think you'll need to grind your...
  10. WizardOfBoz

    Is It Possible for Me to Repair This Small Electric Motor?

    Fasco made the motor for the induced draft for my old furnace. Overheated. Not super impressed by Fasco. I would buy one off ebay if I could find one.
  11. WizardOfBoz

    Help responding to NCR

    First, don't get flustered. If this is punitive, getting mad gives them what they want. "Thanks for your letter of the ________. I am sorry for any deficiencies in the parts provided. To that end, and to allow us to respond to your request for information, please let us know the number of...
  12. WizardOfBoz

    Manufacturing Dental Root Canal Files

    Good heavens. These do look gnarly. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/61gjgHbjmzL.jpg
  13. WizardOfBoz

    O.T. Emergency toe amputation.

    Glad that you are getting relief. As someone who works in analysis of healthcare data, I would love to get some data comparing the efficacy of the foot and leg massagers with the circulator boot. But for now, it's good to know that you are finding relief.
  14. WizardOfBoz

    O.T. Emergency toe amputation.

    Sorry to hear that you had to get this surgery. Healthy eating, enough exercise, enough sleep, and vigilent attention to your meds and FPG numbers are all things I think a doctor will emphasize (check with a doctor - I'm not one). There is a company that offers therapy that involves a sleeve...
  15. WizardOfBoz

    1" - 8 "Furrow- Thread" ???? What does Furrow mean?

    There is way too much material taken off the connector for this to be a connector bearing any load. The wall thickness near the two-cable end is pretty meager for that screw size. So I think others are right: an electrical connector. But are the cables used all finished with a crimped furrow...
  16. WizardOfBoz

    OT - New TV for 97 year old in assisted living

    Given the age, you could just buy a system you can use eventually.
  17. WizardOfBoz

    Brass body vice

    Agree with implmex. I suspect that its bronze. Ox wrote in his book on shop know-how that brass sucks as a jaw material. And it's not strong enough to be a body of a vice. So... I suspect bronze.
  18. WizardOfBoz

    AirCraft Aluminum?

    Yes, the new Apple ads emphasize titanium trim. Would be cool if the phone chassis was made of titanium aluminum allow, like Thinkpads. Not sure if Ti is the optimal material for phone trim. Apparently it IS the optimal material for phone advertisements...
  19. WizardOfBoz

    Torque Question

    Appreciate this info - very practical and clear how one would apply this paradigm. Thanks for the concise, clear explanation. It would be interesting to test the strain of the bolt with/without antiseize and with/without the 20-25% reduction you mention.
  20. WizardOfBoz

    OT-butt join 1/2" fiberglass solid rod

    I agree with others - a joint without reinforcement, or that has stress concentrator and definite weak spots due to a pin will be weak. In addition to a sleeve, you could angle the ends to form a scarf within a longer sleeve.