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    Repair of Monarch Series 60/61 Saddle Using Moglice

    Thanks rkepler and Darryl - I've studied your posts extensively, both of your experiences have fed into the steps I've taken to date. I only recently found this post and got a lot of good tips from it. I have managed to learn the same thing as you Darryl about the adjustment blocks and wish I'd...
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    Repair of Monarch Series 60/61 Saddle Using Moglice

    Thanks a million for your post on this subject. I'm days away from applying the Moglice to my 10EE saddle. Your notes are much appreciated and have been very helpful so far. The above excerpt got me thinking... it does seem nice to break up the process a bit and learn the material in stages...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    Thanks for the pics and notes about headstock alignment. The shop that ground my ways didn't have to remove a ton of material (it's been a while, but I think it was like .005"), so hoping I don't need to Moglice it in place. Also seems like a less arduous way to do it vs. scraping. I'll keep...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    My thought was to treat the ways as the primary datum (per Connelly) and align the saddle parallel (albeit slightly acute for concave facing) to said datum via a precision square off the freshly ground inverted V-way... and then later align the spindle to the ways as well. I reckon I can check...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    Thank Good call - I'll file that one away as a good technique if I can't get the test bar to behave. Suppose I could even use the test bar itself in a 4-jaw, mounted backwards-ly, if I don't have any ground rod handy. I remember your posts about using a flat in the spindle to check alignment...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    Hey Darryl - off this topic, but what the heck: did you Moglice your saddle? I've been searching your threads and haven't been able to find any specifics, but it's been a long day and my brain's a bit frazzled. Did you happen to post anything? I've been glued to rekepler and gernoff's respective...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    Very cool. An autocollimator is not in my toolbox nor budget, but that seems a mighty slick way to approach it. Thanks for the idea on using test cuts too... that could also work. Feels like that's a ways out though as it would imply that I've got the saddle and cross slide all finished up...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    Thanks Cal. This is exactly what I've been thinking today. I can get the bar seated pretty well and bump it into center with an indicator. As long as I limit my clumsiness and don't bump into it, all's well. The bar was made by Miller Fab and is dead straight, so not too concerned about that...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies all. I did some more investigation yesterday: 1. Measured the test bar taper as well as the Jarno adapters that came with the machine (just to see if they had maybe been a Morse 4.5). Both were confirmed to be Jarno #12 with .050"/inch taper. 2. Blued the ID of...
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    Test bar issues at spindle ID taper

    Appreciate any thoughts on the following issue: I'm at the early stages of saddle alignment on a '41 round-dial. During initial futzing around, I placed my Miller test bar in the spindle to do some cursory testing. With my tenths indicator set up against the bar, I noticed that I was getting...
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    Moglice & Machining 10EE Carriage

    Old thread here, but thought I’d insert myself as I’m looking for alignment blocks. If you still have them and are within the USPS’s reach, I’d sure love to get my hands on them for an upcoming saddle Moglice session.
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    10EE saddle alignment blocks for saddle to bed Moglice

    Hi all, My 10EE rebuild has been sitting idle while raising a daughter from 0-5, but I'm finally getting back at it in fits and spurts. I'm currently fitting up the saddle and beginning to realize that I'm going to need to use Moglice to re-establish the bearing and alignment. Does anyone...
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    1941 round-dial Monarch 10EE rebuild (yep, another one)

    Pictures! Life's been busy lately, so time with the 10EE is limited. Finally made some progress this last week though. Pretty self explanatory, but I'll try to add some color (all pun intended) when I find some time :)
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