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    Rivett 1020S Restoration

    Looking fantastic!!!
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    WTB Kurt D30 and ord D40 vise.

    Harry, I have a D40. I'll send you pics. Jeff
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    For Sale ! ! !

    No problem. Thanks for responding. Jeff
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    For Sale ! ! !

    Is there a date on it? Any chance you can make a nice clean scanned copy b4 sending to sneebot? I'd definitely like a copy. Jeff
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    Rivett Carriage Question

    Nice lathe!! Did you scrape the ways or is that original? Jeff
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    12 inch D1-8 and 10" A6 chuck

    Yeah, it's my friend that picked up my stuff and he shipped me a vise and other stuff but not these.
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    12 inch D1-8 and 10" A6 chuck

    A couple chucks that came in a lot i bought that i dont need. Local Chicagoland pickup! 12” d1-8 10” A1-6 (not certain) See pictures for condition. The D1-8 chuck might clean up. The A6 chuck is pretty rough. Maybe Repurpose for welding fixture etc ? $80 for the pair. Thanks Jeff
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    Rivett 1020S for Sale

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    Two 1970 Modulars for $1000!!

    Didn't last long lol
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    Who needed that FP2 head?

    Good memory Bruce! It was me that posted a WTB ad, but I got the long head from that dealer named thomas in Germany that you called for me. I ended up getting several items and had them all shipped to an Instagram friend in Germany and he's crating it for shipping to me and a large German...
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    Monarch 10 EE lathe for sale

    you need to list a price.
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    FP2 rapids but does not feed.

    When I first brought mine home and tested it, it would kick out of powerfeed. Eventually I realized it was running backwards so I swapped 2 wires to have it run the correct direction and now all powerfeeds work correctly. You might double check that as well.
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    FS: horizontal arbor think it's a Brown and Sharpe #9 taper.

    Here's a short horizontal arbor. About 11 inches to the nut. 1/2 13 thread. I thought it was a MT4 taper but after measuring I think it could be a B&S #9 taper. I measured 1.0765 large diameter and 0.928 minor diameter with a distance of 3.588 inches which would give a taper per inch of 0.0414...
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    FS: 8 3J collets

    Only one is still stuck with the stop now..
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    FS: 8 3J collets

    Here's some misc. 3j collets. There's 8 total. Two have custom made stops screwed in them. I can only ly read the sizes of 4 of them they are. 1 1/8 and 1 5/8. The other two i can read have the stop threaded in them and they are 1 35/64 and 1 39/64. Looking to get $60 plus shipping for the...