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    ERP systems

    I've got a basic ERP launching soon that'll start testing next month aimed at small shops for a small price. I need something for my own shop, I've fought ERP systems before. Linked up with a developer and we're bringing it to life! www.corvuserp.com if you want to check it out. (It will be...
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    Receiving the same RFQ from 2 customers

    When this happens to me, I quote both, I'll change the price between the 2 at random(within $1 difference) in case there's a comparison of notes anywhere.
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    Anyone try mfg.com

    I'm happy with it. You need to bid a lot to win anything, but you will win. I don't cut favors, I quote like I do everything else. Streamline your quoting process, if you can get Paperless Parts that'll help a quote a bit. My win rate on mfg is about 10%, but I quote projects on there 3x more...
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    New Incoming ERP - CorvusERP! For small shops and up!

    It is going to be web based. Since this is being bootstrapped, web development is significantly cheaper and easier to build desktop applications. Eventually we'll have an on-premise version but that's further down the road map. I've been working in and running job shops for 16 years, I'm just...
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    New Incoming ERP - CorvusERP! For small shops and up!

    It's built explicitly for job shops. Designed to be simple, intuitive and quick. Eventually it will have the features big companies want as well(inventory) but the primary focus is small, quick turn shops.
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    New Incoming ERP - CorvusERP! For small shops and up!

    Not sure what to do on that one, I've got android and it'll open with Opera and Chrome for me
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    New Incoming ERP - CorvusERP! For small shops and up!

    Thanks for the feedback! We may end up putting out a free tier, but at the moment the planis to launch with a low cost tier. In use, and for marketing purposes it'll be called it Corvus. The end goal, it'll feel like an assistant to administrating your manufacturing company so I want it to have...
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    New Incoming ERP - CorvusERP! For small shops and up!

    I am so stoked about this and wanted to put it out here for any other folks starting a shop or have a small shop and need a basic ERP system. I've finally got my program in proper development, looking at coming out later towards the end of this year. I've grown up in/around machine shops, have...
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    Another Estimating Part Cost or Price Thread.

    I love Paperless Parts, I'm a job shop and use it to quote mill and lathe work. Most of the work I do is automotive, electronics manufacturing, and automation/robotics. Prototyping through 3-500pc production runs. So it has a formula and some tables it uses to estimate all of your times...
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    Another Estimating Part Cost or Price Thread.

    1. How does your estimator (the person in contact with the prospect/customer) know to get input from domain experts? Your estimator knows to get input from outside services because part of the project requires a service that you don't do in-house. That's a pretty straightforward answer. You can...
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    Google Ads?

    Haha Trust me, I have no fear of cold calling/cold visiting even. The owner of the company I work for has a fear of cold calling/cold visits, hence he has been stalled for 10 years with the same 2 customers. I'm looking into Google Ads as a way to market within my current means, also to do what...
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    Google Ads?

    Surprisingly enough, they've never called me about it. Junk calls from other companies offering to help me with Google Ads for sure, but nothing from Google. I have dived in on it though using Google for my webmaster, analytics, search console etc etc and its already brought in $ from people...
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    Google Ads?

    Hi all, Just started in a small shop as general manager to help grow the business after being flat lined for years. I'm able to build a heck of a relationship with a customer one we start working with them but right now I'm trying to find those customers. The are in in is booming, but I've...
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    Machine Shop manager position offered. < question>

    Machine Shop Manager in a CNC Machine Shop with 10 guys I would expect 70-80k annual. Only other advice I'd give is make sure you understand what managements expectation is going to be specifically. With a change like this, sometimes management is going to want to change and make unknown...
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    What's your First Piece Inspection Process?

    The last few shops I've worked for have had incredibly slow moving first piece inspection processes. You run your first part, put it in QC then wait for it to come out, trying to do something else whole you wait. And these are short run shops, I would understand more inspection time if you're...
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    Machine Quality Standard

    Hi all! The shop I'm at has a fairly wide variety of machines in age and make/model. With this, each machine has a fairly different tolerance it can hold. I am trying to come up with a sort of quality standard to say if the machine hits X thou backlash, or can only hold X tolerance, it needs to...
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    Opening A New Machine Shop

    Take everything! Find a small local shop you can out source to for stuff too big or lathe work. Stick on a tiny markup for those things. Even short jobs until you get a proper front end process going with overhead. As long as it is quoted correctly, it shouldn't matter how many times you setup...
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    ERP Software advice

    Will do! Shoot me a pm and I can give you some more info. We will be looking for some test shops prior to release.
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    ERP Software advice

    I'm currently in the process of building a software aimed for lower budget small shops to plug this gap. I've been fighting this same issue my whole career and have always ended up building my own program. I will have a functional program up by the end of the year, hopefully in the fall.