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    Looking for startup partner

    I get that partnerships involve risk, but so does everything. The whole point of a partnership is to divide the risk between partners. As long as one party isn't assuming all of the financial burden and risk, it makes sense. Hiring a job shop(s) for producing prototypes gets expensive very...
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    Titans of CNC Actually Useful For Training Fresh Blood?

    This is absolutely true. One video pointed out that a machine running at low spindle load was "wasting machine potential." Yikes. How often they run parts dry and throw a huge shower of red-hot sparks might also be cause for concern. I agree with the night school approach only if training them...
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    Any value in huge air tank and compressor?

    Cutting the ends off seems like a terrible waste of an otherwise good pressure tank. If you're interested, a hydrostatic pressure test is a simple and safe way to see of it's still good for pressure. Fill it with water almost to the top, but not all the way, then fill it the rest of the way...
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    Gray iron castings

    I called Acme foundry of Kansas https://acmefoundry.net/ out of curiosity the other day, and they quoted me 'only' 8-10 weeks lead time. I haven't done business with them, but they have been around for a very long time.
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    I didn't know that. Yes, dream for sure; I would probably have my sights set on them or NASA if it were the 1950's or 60's. Good to hear that they are still active, I must be out of touch, because I thought they quit doing cool stuff.
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    Hello everyone, it's been a while. Thank you all for the advice, I do appreciate it. Life update, an unfortunate set of circumstances have prevented me from returning to school this semester, so I've just been living and working in town for the past few months. When I started this thread...
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    Heyligenstaedt lathe.

    Like others have suggested, jam nuts on the stud or press it out might be something to try. It is possible that the toolpost has worn a shoulder into the stud (ridge reaming cylinders in gas engines comes to mind), rotating around the same place for decades. So, while that nut would have freed...
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    I don't understand; what do you mean?
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    Factory change gear storage on a lathe

    What a legacy. It's hard for me to even imagine your company giving you your machine as a retirement gift. Different times I suppose; that must have been a wonderful era to live in, and a good company to work for. I think it's fantastic that you still use that machine and keep it like new, it...
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    Factory change gear storage on a lathe

    Thanks! That's a bit far from me. Haha I wonder what it takes to ship something like that.
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    It has been a while since I've run a manual lathe, but I don't remember it being so messy and dirty. In fact, I thought it was one of the easier machines and work areas to keep tidy. I seem to recall the chips (mostly dry), being confined to about 3ft back from the operator's position. (I could...
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    @memphisjed Could you elaborate? I hear a lot of stories about successful businesses being started in the home. I don't see this as a maybe income, I'm told by someone in the industry that this kind of work is always available, and I'll be working pretty hard to be profitable. I probably will...
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    Factory change gear storage on a lathe

    Sorry, I was unclear, I was referring to the "Reliable" lathe at the top of the thread, not your Seneca Falls. @maynah said it was for sale. That's interesting about the drawings, drafting used to be quite the artform. it's hard for me to imagine a company selling a machine tool without a...
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    My 1953 Warner & Swasey No.3 M-1200

    That is an absolutely beautiful machine. Well done on the restoration! I have to ask, why did you paint the turret? Isn't that a precision surface? You're clamping tools and fixtures to the faces so will the paint not affect the 'straightness' or perpendicularity?
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    Factory change gear storage on a lathe

    I don't know too much about antique lathes, but I do know that there was a plethora of small builders around the turn of the last century, Seneca Falls, Barnes, etc., were the big ones, that mostly disappeared before the second world war, but I'm sure everyone here knows that. The interesting...
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    College Apartment Job Shop?

    Hey everyone! New member, long-time reader here. I'm getting ready to start classes part-time for the semester while I work 2nd shift at a major local company as a machinist (CNC operator really, machinist just looks nicer on their website). I am pursuing a degree in engineering. I have my own...