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    what does x= and 16 stand for on the south bend 10 heavy

    now that you say that about the school I purchase this machine at a action and I was told it came from a school , the machine was not used much , ok thank I will order a card from grizzly
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    what does x= and 16 stand for on the south bend 10 heavy

    I have a south bend 10 heavy the serial # stamped at the end close to the tail stock are 13281 RKX 16 . I know it is the 13281 thousand machine made , and the R = 10inch , the K = quick change gear box, the X= special , and then the 16. ,, Does any one know what the '' Special means '' and...
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    ? reading Axa quick change tool post

    I am interested in purchasing an Axa quick change for my south bend 10 heavy . can I get yr opinion witch one is the best for the money, I have looked at accusized , phase ll , bostar. and some other , I really do not need high prices one .
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    motor replacement

    Hi every one I am new to this Forum, I have a nice south bend 10 heavy that had a 1 hp 3 phase more , witch I replace it with a 2 hp 220 single phase that I had sitting on the shelf , but it is in need or replacing do to excessive noise and yes I realize I did not need a 2 hp but the price was...