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    Tree Journeyman 425

    we are separated by 2,833.9 mi-- a wee bit closer and we would do a deal
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    Tree Journeyman 425

    DAPRA vises included?
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    0t--Moore Tool holes contours, surfaces

    dust jacket bad ,,book good $95.00 usd shipping included [email protected]
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    FP3 Active with trouble

    thank you Peter for reply--looking forward to repaired machine performance
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    0t--cable lacing

    production machines have many feet of power and control cables--my experience in parting out machines leads me to judge japanese layout and bundle tying as the most consistent and artistic in USA two competing systems for securing cables are promoted-Chicago stitching and Kansas City stitching
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    Very late best condition upgraded FP4NC ever?

    what method do you use to determine way hardness? what was factory spec on FP4 way hardness?
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    FP3 Active with trouble

    Peter--let me understand--you spend 1200 euro on gear and you will drill hole with used concrete sidewalk bit?
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    0t--Flexpack rope--1000 ton working load

    7 months to construct this 500 ton spool of wire rope--now on its way to the Arafura Sea
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    cazeneuve adapter plate

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    0t--Gordies bridge--the details

    my adoptive Dad built the first prestressed concrete plant in the South--Atlanta 1955 miles of wire rope were used monthly wire rope strands were tensioned and anchored by end plates supporting tension loads of up to 40 tons with beam or slab length up to 80 ft concrete was then poured over...
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    wow--unexpected and helpful info Tony G lumps dozens of taiwan lathes as generic---mine is branded Turnmaster 13x40 which I acquired strictly for metric threading a school machine badly abused--161 teeth on 40 inch rack--every one damaged beyond repair these machines seem to have hardened...
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    I have a 13 inch Taiwan machine with damaged rack and pinion--inch/metric common convention of lathe makers is installation of imperial lead screw--in case of your Elliott--1-3/8 diameter 4 tpi but use of metric rack and pinion is very common builders happily share leadscrew data but rarely...
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    Smouser--excellent documentation of lathe refreshment-- question --do you know thread pitch or module of spur gear rack mounted under forward prismatic way which mates with 10 tooth pinion driving carriage? lathe builders almost never disclose this critical information thx
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    0t--plasdraulic collet chuck

    desperately seeking any info on this workholding system --the only apparent reference to found on lathes.co site
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    WTB Index Mill 847 Parts

    my machine is complete and running--it is cnc configured and located near seattle--will not part at present
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    WTB Index Mill 847 Parts

    what is your location and what parts do you need?
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    three jaw chuck measures about 5.4 inch body diameter--main body component measures approx 250 mm or bit under 10 inch--jh
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