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    3 phase wiring

    when i bought the lathe the owner had it running and it was 220v. i went and asked him how he had it wired and he couldn't remember. it was 3 or 4 years ago. he was just guessing too. it has nothing to do with the 5 hp motor in the lathe. i am afraid to just guess how to wire it since i tried...
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    3 phase wiring

    you all don't know what a fourteen lathe looks like i guess. the lathe has a 5 hp motor, i have a 7.5 hp pony motor and the box i am taking about is on the back of the lathe where the wires from the converter go to. i have a phase converter on a platform with the pony motor. i will try and post...
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    3 phase wiring

    i bought a southbend fourteen lathe about 3 years ago and can't figure out how to wire it. i've got the manual but i am an idiot when it comes to electrics. i did get a converter and motor but i don't understand how to wire the lathe. there are 3 wires and ground that go into the box but there...
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    logan 12" model 2957v

    i am thinking about buying this lathe. the price is 1500 bucks. the problem is , it is missing the tail stock. where could i get one and about how much would one cost new and used. i am a newbie. gary