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    Pinacho lathe

    How is you Pinachos, guys? Still have them? after 18 years:) Interested if you are having/had issues with them? I've just bought one in nearly new condition. Mfg 1996. Smaller model ca 15" swing and 30" between centers.
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    Banged up Jungner US-2305 table

    How is your beauty, pertooth? Fully restored already? I have the same model. Interested in other users experience on it. Can you see the below showed element in you accessory box? Any idea what for is it? Basically they are piece of hollow shaft/cylinder with a thread cut on it and lock...
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    Jungner US-2305 accessories identification.

    Guys, thank you for support. My adventure with the said grinder is ongoing. Anyone saw those mysterious elements? I'm sure they are Jungner accessories as i saw them on various photos on the internet showing this grinder for sale. Any ideas what for is it? Basically they are piece of hollow...
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    Haimer repair

    He created account here just to post this one post, waste our time and disappear. Bravoooo Alex1789!!!
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    Jungner US-2305 accessories identification.

    Thank you. I turned out the elements in wooden boxes are SFJ high speed spindles. Bothe the same models JP80, air driven at 1.5 bar - 3.0 bar @ 150-250 l/min flow with oil mist and max 80 000 rpm. This is very interesting for me as i don't know for which work one need such a high rpms? This will...
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    Jungner US-2305 accessories identification.

    and some more accessories photos:
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    Jungner US-2305 accessories identification.

    I couldn't get my hand on machine so far as i'm not at home yet. It landed in my garage yesterday. The only photos i have are attached below. As per my friend the table is running extremely smooth and rigid so the spindle. I found one more spindle in the box. The machine has no rust i it just...
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    Jungner US-2305 accessories identification.

    You guessed right. The motor is mounted on dove tail style holder of the dividing head assembly. The biggest mystery is that t-slot table and those elements in wooden boxes.
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    Jungner US-2305 accessories identification.

    Hi Guys! I always wanted to have a T&C grinding machine in my home shop. Looks like soon it will land on my floor - swedish Jungner US2305. It's comming with quite impressive (for me) set of accessories. Unfortunatelly i can't identify some of them. I've managed to get manual, part list...
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    Hydrovane 6PU compressor problems.

    Hello Guys, this is very interesting thread for me. I came across with a nice Hydrovane 33 compressor, 40 years old but hardly used - only 663 hours. It was army stock. Looks like new. The problem is that last 10 years was stored and unused - i found the oil became an oil/water emulsion. I took...
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    How I spent my Vacation

    Good story.
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    thread milling

    just my 5 cents dave_at_nees. I have a pretty straight connection with some industry gigants that also make industrial cnc control. I will not name them here but you guys can be pretty sure: THEY DO NOT KNOW the words you've mentioned: honor, dignity and honesty:) BTW point me one giant company...
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    Advice on buying a horizontal/vertical mill

    Hey! This is the Shizuoka VHR-G clone.
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    WoW! Have you got any photos of your modification?
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    Center-mount ball screw - Shizuoka

    Hi JDMav! The thread is bit old but... I have manual Shizuoka VHR-G. It has a fixed X-axis lead screw and driven X-axis lead screw nut and backlash eliminator assembly. The lead screw is trapezoid one - not ball screw. I plan to convert it to cnc so need to redesign x-axis screw operation but...
  16. My Shizuoka

    My Shizuoka

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    new to old lathes - some advice please

    I know this thread is, well, bit old. I have the same 4-jaw independent chuck. Genuine Crown with small crown mark stamped on it. Capacity 4", british made. Does anyone know from what lathe it might be? Tha jaws are really tight and smooth runnig.
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    I bought a cnc mill, Shizouka

    Hi guys! Thank you for sharing photos. The more detailed photos the better. The one i'm looking at is not CNC but manual. What ya think about it? How much may it be worth? I know it is a overkill for hobby use but i guess it will last till the end of me or my children:) It looks like almost...
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    Magnetic bend brake (e.g. MagnaBend)

    aluminumwelder -> you wrote $100 for hinges, support columns, etc. How? I assume you don't mean magnabend style hinges. Do you guys know where to get those hinges and how much do they cost?
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    Lagun FTV-1 1976 - Good Buy?

    The problem is that the machine is 900+ kilometers from my location and i can't read its nameplates...