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    Anybody use Titan cutting tools?

    Maybe he needed the extra G to get to 6 Gs, otherwise he would be 5gdon and 5G tech has been around for as long as the OP hasn't been here.
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    FEELER Vertical Machining Center VB-1650

    Yeah, it almost seems like from the literature and that, that the spindle oil and hydraulic oil are the same. Even though they address them separately sometimes. Again, the literature is less than helpful. I guess the bigger question is what is going on to make you think the machine "sounds"...
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    FEELER Vertical Machining Center VB-1650

    Call Methods, or whomever you bought it from, and ask for a detailed explanation of where the sight glass and fill port are for hydraulics? I'm genuinely curious now.
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    FEELER Vertical Machining Center VB-1650

    We have a Feeler VB-900 in my shop. For our model, there isn't one, at least not that I can find. Everything is pneumatic and electric pretty much. There is spindle cooler oil fill in the head, a clamp/unclamp oil in the head, way lube in back, lubricating oil for the cam box. If you look at the...
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    Doosan DNM4500 NC-SV0401 errors

    We have a Matsuura that gets those errors every day it powers up, difference is our's is from the 80s. For us, it has something to do with timing of power to the axes amps as they come online after control is started. We can just hit the reset button and it clears immediately. Runs all day...
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    VMC Multiple X axis / ballscrew problems

    Do you have the maintenance manual? I believe it is B–63005EN/01. If that is the case you can find it online, free PDF. Section 5 is servo parameters and tuning. Might be worth looking into
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    VMC Multiple X axis / ballscrew problems

    Apologies, I missed the model of controller. I have Fanuc 15M and older control systems on some of our machines, but the 16iM goes to the new style boards and amplifiers with digital everything. But the principle may still apply. I assume there are parameters for puslecoder feedback rate...
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    VMC Multiple X axis / ballscrew problems

    Check the jumpers on the amplifier. Compare the placement of them on the X and Y amplifiers. We had an issue with a machine jumping and making vibrations while the Y-axis was moving. Initially we thought bearings and ballscrews too, turns out two of the jumpers were in the wrong orientation and...
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    CBN grinding wheel in DMU50 Ecoline

    You will find you get more input, sooner, if you have a more descriptive title. Your title means nothing to most people here and being busy, people won't bother to read further. Include an abbreviated description of what you seek or even what machine you seek it on. Then people that have...
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    X axis servo disconnect alarm 416

    You tested resistance on the cables to what? End to end, individual wires to ground, wire to wire? Did you test the insulation with a Megger? Often an ohmmeter's power isn't strong enough to push voltage through damaged insulation, but the control power is.
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    Matsuura mc-600vf shut itself down.

    Do you have a multimeter? It sounds like a blown fuse or tripped breaker. I would definitely get the building power looked at, if you are getting damage that regular, you are losing money and risking fire.
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    CNC Z Axis Position "Drift" - No Alarms

    We had an issue with a Matsuura awhile ago that the z-axis appeared to keep jumping with no rhyme or reason and no position shift or error. The issue was finally discovered when I noticed a slight banging sound at z direction changes. The lock rings that hold the ballscrew bearing in place had...
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    Fanuc 0t CRT not powering on

    The pulsing alarm light with clicking is new to me, could be a bad or loose relay (pure speculation, one of the more experienced guys might be able to help more). The fuses I am speaking of are replaceable, I would start by checking the Power Supply Unit. Make sure you have proper 3 phase power...
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    Fanuc 0t CRT not powering on

    Check for blown fuses. I haven't had this exact issue before, but with my Fanucs, often the red light on a supply like that can indicate a blown fuse.
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    HAAS VF2 leaking oil into oil overflow

    When I clean the separator, I pour coolant back through the tramp oil drain with a flex funnel, after reassembly. Might be a better way, but it has worked for me. I believe the charge is just to fill the labyrinth enough to not get tramp oil in the coolant drain.
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    cnc help!!!

    No, it was also this person the first time. First time it was with a Fanuc.
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    Spammers on PM. Ideas to reduce them?

    They have really gone full bore with it today... Perhaps a "verification period" for new accounts? Like 3 day waiting period before new accounts can create their own posts? I know a lot of people come intentionally just to ask one question, get their answer and move on, but maybe that would also...
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    milltronics mill no movement in the X

    When you say the spun until they traveled .2 and locked up is that only when they are connected to the X control board or in any position? I thought in your first post you successfully homed the Y and Z axes. If so, what happens when you put the X motor on the Y board and home it out?
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    milltronics mill no movement in the X

    From what I can find alarm 407 indicates either the axis is bound, or the encoder isn't communicating your position in a timely manner. Since in the first post you mentioned that you swapped the X-axis motor with the Y-axis motor, and it worked fine under the Y-axis board's control, I am led to...
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    What important life lessons to know when starting your first machining job.

    Yes, the 80s Matsuuras have Breed valves on the hydraulic system, among many other little gems... Still better than the manual I have for a Taiwanese machine that spends a good portion of the manual describing how "perfect," "beautiful," or "greatly durable and trustworthy," various components...