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    Options for making repeatable, precise bends in flat bar?

    I would seriously check out American Bender's hydraulic setup. I use it with an original Hossfeld power pack. The main advantage to the American setup is that you can bend 180 degrees in one stroke, it does take up more room than the Hoss setup. We only use the hydraulic for bending large steel...
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    DiAcro Notcher/ Corner shear.

    A DiArco #2 corner notcher can make 90 degrees and also be setup to create tabs, the DiArco #1 corner notcher can't be setup for tabs. I have a #2 and love it.
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    Customer wants to cancel order

    Why was the engineer touring your shop at all if he didn't know you had gotten the order?
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    Dynasty 300 hf arc starting issues with new helmet?

    Jim, I agree with others that the helmet sensitivity is probably causing your problem. But, to your other problem my Dynasty does this once in a while, blowing out the machine helps, but in the moment if it's not striking an arc I touch the tungsten to the metal (pedal off) lift the tungsten and...
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    New Fab Shop: First Ironworkwer

    I have a Geka Bendicrop 50, wonderful machine. I bought new about 8 years ago after endless searching for a used one that wasn't all clapped out. We use it in production and for one offs and short runs. For the one offs it is a really great machine, mainly because of the design of the stops but...
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    How to bend a pipe clamp?

    Hi Jim, I hadn't seen this post until now. I'm around the corner and down the street from you on 17th Ave, we have a very well tooled Hoss and a Geka iron worker that can punch the holes. If you need to make more clamps swing by and we can talk it over. BTB: I bought a Burr King tumbler from you...
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    How many strokes per minute is YOUR mechanical shear??

    My Pexto 12u52 is 60 spm with the bar down, doesn't fade when used that way. We usually cut one at a time and that runs about 35spm if you get your timing in a groove. Old cast iron beast, 5ph motor, and a very large flywheel
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    Chicago W34 Finger Brake

    Nice find, these are great tools. I have a W-31, I personally would only use it for thin stuff without it being bolted down. The teeth on these are soft (not hardened) and easily machinable. We run a .25" x 2" piece of angle iron for most bending and haven't had any issues with it at all.
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    O/Tool discovery: the track saw

    I've had a festool for about 10 years now. If it broke today I would replace it tomorrow without any second guessing. Wonderful tool, I didn't see anyone mention that you can plunge cut with it as well. Great for wood work but I've also cut a fare amount of aluminum with it, up to .25".
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    Glass half full

    depends if I'm drinking or filling
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    Manual tube bending speed control

    Maybe something similar to the handle on a manual cold saw that has a spring in it to limit the amount of force, which I think should correlate the the speed of bend? Big problem is the inconstancy of material, we see changes all the time on orders from the same supplier. A fixed limiting...
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    Thoughts on reproducing engine lathe apron cover plate in 18 gauge stainless ? (pic)

    I can't tell if it's flat either, Fish On. To actually answer your question: If it was flat, and walked in my shop you'd be looking at 175 to 225 with fine brushed 304 18ga and no engraving, +/- .005". Could always get fancier for more $, quantity of one adds most of the cost. It should be...
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    Steel that won't weld?

    Looks like a gas problem to me too. Are you welding in a breezy area? Any chance the gas is being blow away? With that said you really should clean with acetone before welding, also with that level of contamination you'll likely need to grind off the bad weld before re-welding as well. Just my...
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    Brake Backgauge Multiple Bends, Inconsistent Results

    Could you just fab up a multiple stop front gauge?
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    Gap fill laser weld in Ti?

    Have you though about a .065" or, a bit larger, Ti rod inserted in the existing hole and then weld up the outside?
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    Di-Acro Punch Stripper Plate size

    The plates just need to fit the striper arm's bolt up location, we weld a couple 1/4"-20 nuts on the plates and then bolt them up. You want to size the center stripping hole based on what range of punch sizes you'll be using. We have several sized/shaped plates, also some of ours are .25" and...
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    syncro 250 DX coolant pressure switch question

    I have an older Dynasty and a much older syncro 500, neither of them have coolant sensors. Seems like if you're flowing you're good, just my 2 cents
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    My first senior moment?

    This thread was your second one?