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    Setup and tooling advice for newby

    I have a Tormach 440 (3/4 HP, 10,000 rpm spindle, 4" vise) and need a recommendation for an endmill to mill a hole in .125" 6061 plates. 2,3,4 flute? Carbide? flat or ball nose, Brands? I need a 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" diameters. Additionally, some advice on a fixture for the plates would be...
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    Help choosing a new CNC mill

    Thanks you.
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    Help choosing a new CNC mill

    Hello, I need help selecting a CNC mill for light production work and R&D prototyping. Budget is under $7500 The bulk of the work will be milling holes from Ø0.064" to Ø4.00" into 0.125" thick 6061 aluminum plates, which we do around 250/year. The machines tolerance's ideally would be no more...