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    Practicality of using Torx or Robertson driver as screw extractor?

    I've suceeded with Torx bits in allen head screws, especially on small M2 and M.5 button head screws. These were in an optical assembly and NOBODY wanted to generate any swarf.
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    Designing hinges for strength

    Soooo, if you do a bad job of design, a failure can cause bodily harm to the driver and/or others on the track. Not thinking you will get many takers here. Either get a degree in mechanical engineering or pay one to design it for you.
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    sine bar setting height

    It would if Pi were 3.0. An angle in radians is the arc length divided by the radius. A full circle of radius 1 has a circumference of 2 Pi. Or there are 2 pi radians in a full circle.
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    SB 9a gearbox shaft collar

    Any mild steel should be fine.
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    Metric o-ring groove dimensions

    That table shows a face seal. Better look closer for a table for radial seal.
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    Need Help Identifying Spur Gears

    Send a napkin sketch of the gear you need to rushgears.com. Tell them how fast you have to have it and they will ship you the gear. Just be sitting down when you get the quote and have a cardiac specialist standing by. But if you need gears tomorrow you can have them.
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    Internal keyway tolerance

    I believe that symbol is Symmetry. A is the datum reference, Assuming that is the 11 inch bore. The .025 is the WIDTH of the tolerance zone. The center of the tolerance zone is the theoretically perfect center of the bore. Units are whatever the drawing is in. I assume mm. Yep that is a tight...
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    Teeth in a spur gear rack

    When you measure a rack, you are measuring Circular Pitch. Google how to convert CP to Diametral Pitch or Module. Done.
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    stainless steel spinning

    How hot? How long?
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    stainless steel spinning

    Are you starting with annealed material? If so, you may need an intermediate annealing step. Stainless work hardens ALOT.
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    NUmber matching parts .

    Could mean that the part numbers stamped on the large assy's match the numbers on the serial card.
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    ai bot
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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    And soon they will run the compressors off solar power during the day and run them at night to keep the grid going on renewable sources of energy. Not free energy, but still worth doing.
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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    On the chance that you actually understand the way the world works. Ha Ha. Good one. In the (in my opinion) more likely case that you don't. The windmill on the roof of the car creates drag. The amount of drag created by the windmill will ALWAYS be greater than the amount of electricity...
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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    If you want to see an example of how far down the rabbit hole someone can go. I offer this link as a cautionary tale. https://www.engineeringclicks.com/forum/threads/holy-grail-of-mechanical-design.2466/ Note I called it out as a free energy boondoggle on reply number 4. It went for 8 YEARS and...
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    OT: Motor Generator Experiment - Open Source Project :)

    Spend your time and money studying thermodynamics. Especially the part about the Second law of thermodynamics. If you want the reader's digest version. 1st Law: energy is neither created nor destroyed. Break even is the best you can do. 2nd Law: No free lunch you can't even break even. You...
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    South Bend documentation

    I'm going out on a limb here and say if South bend designed it to do 4 tpi. It can do 4 tpi and not break the first time you try it. Of course the lathe is now 75 years old with an unknown maintenance history.
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    South Bend documentation

    Catalog above from 1943 shows gear box is good for 4 tpi to 224 tpi. Not 2 tpi.
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    Sleeve / coupler / hub - design and help