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    Trying to clear loft, sell OG redwood

    Sorry Stephen, unfortunately 350 bf is not very much timber. A friend of mine fished the bottom 60' section of an OG Redwood that was 11' in diameter during a storm about 10 years ago. He got 20,000 bf. He built an entire barn with it, plus a huge pergola on the back of his home. With only 350...
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    yates american table saw

    Wow, didn't know that...I wouldn't use an 18" blade on it myself, although I do have one...it's an old HSS blade. A double 20" with a sliding table...that's much nicer than the G-89. I have a number of 14" crosscut blades I had re-bored to the arbor size. I also have a number of 16" rip blades...
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    Wanted FP1 Slotting Head

    He had your FP2 in pieces, and had given me a set of collets in 1/8ths up to 1", but I thought they were SK40 at Dave's shop, which they did end up being...turns out Dave thought I had SK40, but I don't think the slotting head would fit in an SK40 FP1, but not positive. Anyway, I sent them back...
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    yates american table saw

    That's incorrect. They will accept an 18" blade, but YA recommended not using larger than 16" blades due to the speed of the motor. Really nice saws, but Stephan is correct, would probably be tough to get $1k for them. It is a monster, 5HP direct drive motor running at 3600 rpm. The OP has all...
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    Wanted FP1 Slotting Head

    OP, you lost out...but I wanted to thank you for asking, as rimcanyon probably wouldn't have posted without you doing so.🙏 Dave was a nice guy, like most of the people I have met from PM. What a nice shop! Dave lives in one of the nicest areas of California. Right now is classic Cali...rolling...
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    Deckel FP1 Slotting Head For Sale

    I agree, he's a fine gent to deal with. Thanks for the kind words.
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    Deckel FP1 Slotting Head For Sale

    Ok, odd...they show here in my sent folder. I just sent you an email.
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    Rivett in OR CL

    I don't frequent PM too often, but just wanted to mention that I spoke with Keith Rucker just after he got his 1020S and he mentioned interest in casting steady and follow rests. He has cast stuff quite a bit working with Clark Easterling at Windy Hill Foundry. Since there are differences...
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    Parker Majestic #2 table drive issue

    So after bad mouthing PM and telling people it's one of the worst places, you come here to get information now? Talk about a hypocrite... What a loser. Why not go cry to the mods here also?
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    Robin Renzitti has a new interesting precision grinding video

    Forrest, You know very well, this has nothing to do with Robin or the content of his video, this has everything to do with the people here on PM. In the back of your mind you already know what @$$#O!E$ many of these people are that hang out here, so your thought process seems a bit rhetoric...
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    FS 4" Hardened/Ground step jaws for Kurt D40 vise 5 sets available

    2.500" If the Glacern is Kurt compatible, they will work. I don't know too much about Glacern vises, I only have Kurts. EDIT: I should add, there are screws/bolts that come with the jaws, and the head is similar to a cheese head screw, but has a socket head on the flat. These screws are...
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    FS 4" Hardened/Ground step jaws for Kurt D40 vise 5 sets available

    I have some 4" Snap Jaws for a Kurt D40 vise. These are hardened and ground with a step in them. I have 5 sets for sale, 4 sets have an .865" step and 1 set has a .990" step in them. I have no idea if these are their current offering, but they sell for $160/ea on their site...
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    FS Bison 4314 8" 4-Jaw chuck A26 mount

    FS Bison 4314 8" 4-Jaw chuck A2-6 mount I have a Bison 8" 4-Jaw chuck with an A2-6 direct mount for sale. The picture of the back looks like it could be forged, but this is a semi-steel chuck. This could easily be adapted to another spindle, I was going to mount it on an L0 myself. There is...
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    Federal Bore Gage and Lathe Toolholders (3/4")

    PM sent on lathe tooling. (sorry lazz :rolleyes5: )
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    Deckel fp1 for sale

    More attack on me and my user name. Go ahead, please do more, the bad karma will do you good when you get up to walk. When you feel that pain, think about me also...you deserve it. Obviously after a month and with your responses, the chances are not very good for you to sell your machine. So...
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    What do you guys think of this SB Heavy 10?

    Keep an eye on it??? You're funny...you don't want that lathe. More so, there is probably multiple replies to the seller already, the chances of you getting it are so small, it's probably not worth thinking about. Use this as a learning experience. You need to do more homework before buying a...