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  1. litlerob

    How to make flat bottom holes on lathe

    Elwsey, you got a cake walk, I am working on an Aviation part that requires a flat bottom hole, .688 diameter 6.1" deep, with a 63 rms finish. What I have done is drill with a regular 11/16" drill just until I get a good starter hole, then go in with a 21/32" spade drill to depth, then using...
  2. litlerob

    Tips for getting chips off part before sub spindle transfer?

    Dave, try finishing the O.D. groove and all with the grooving tool, might work might not. Depth of cut is your friend if that doesn't work. Robert my±2
  3. litlerob

    A286 Stainless Shrinkage After Heat Treat

    I'm thinking a heat # issue, do you have the cert's for the material? If you have been successful with the same part in the past why not now?
  4. litlerob

    Is overtime a gift or scheduled work day?

    I respect and trust the people that work for/with me, (that said). I do not mandate OT, but if I need help, on Wednesday at lunch (because management should know ahead of time) I say to individuals that I feel I need help from "can you help me out this weekend" and almost always get positive...
  5. litlerob

    Programming with tool nose radius.

    What line of code is the G40 on? I have had similar issues depending on what line the comp. cancel is on. work around was duplicating the move once off the part, G1 X 2.5 G1 X 2.5 G40 Also are you using a canned cycle or long hand?
  6. litlerob

    Plastic Drilling Problem Any Ideas?

    Maybe your thinking UHMW or something Delrin (brand name) or Acetal is really stable. Try holding ± .005 over night in UHMW or ± .001 hole in soft rubber (which we do all day long). Gimme Acetal any day. Another thought on the OP: If you could long hand the code, use fewer pecks but...
  7. litlerob

    Plastic Drilling Problem Any Ideas?

    I just finished an order of 15,000 pcs in plastic, Delrin so not as gummy as what you are working with, but the job had to run lights out for about 7 days straight on a lathe, had to hold ±.001". We used a 3 flute, MA Ford "twister" drill, no peck, .181" diameter, blind 1.5" deep, chip load .01...
  8. litlerob

    Okuma or Mori-Seiki

    I prefer an Okuma over a Mori, but it isn't because of the iron under either of them, Mori seiki builds a very quality machine, I just hate the controls on them. Okumas control is different but it is a better control hands down. Robert my ±2
  9. litlerob

    Ti-6Al-4V vs. 17-4PH Stainless - Which is Harder to Machine?

    I machine Ti and 17-4 ph 1075 all fucking day, give me Ti any day I hate 17-4. On a mill you have a chip that breaks, on a lathe you don't, so doing bores sucks. If you can drag the chip out of the bore (back boring) that is the best. Higher feeds than 304 but lower SFM has worked for me...
  10. litlerob

    Lathe very small parts, how to?!

    You drill a hole in something you can handle, diameter a thou. or 2 bigger than the OD of the part, shoulder depth equal to the OAL of the part, grey wheel it close then lap it in.
  11. litlerob

    how hard is it to add memory to a fanuc control?

    You wanna add memory to a Fansuc control, move on to a better control and everyone involved will always have good memories of that. :) Robert
  12. litlerob

    Barfeed programming question

    Depending on the style of puller, I use the Royal adjustable 2 jaw one, I will rapid to the Z position to pull but above the stock on X then feed the puller down on the part, 2 birds with 1 stone kinda thing, insure the part is off and pull in the same operation. Robert
  13. litlerob

    Mazak Matrix Tool Eye Calibration

    Thanks to both of you, I was just going to post a new thread on this, but for a Nexus control, are the parameter numbers the same? Thanks, Robert
  14. litlerob

    Okuma OSP200L programming question

    The way I got around this was, I would insert an identical line of code with the G40, so for example if your finish diameter is 2.5" and your retract point is 2.6" I would write G1 X2.6 G1 X2.6 G40
  15. litlerob

    Wise saying of the day.

    Anything made in haste, hastily goes to waste. Robert
  16. litlerob

    Holding size on UHMW ???

    Frank, I have had some luck not tons, but some, with building Aluminum parts that are close to print dims. and plugging and ringing the part until they cure. If you don't give it anywhere to go, it can't go. Also not using coolant seemed to help, as long as your using very sharp tools with...
  17. litlerob

    Threadmilling 1-11 1/2 NPTF

    3/4 " taper per foot, or .375 indicator rise per foot, but since we don't have a linear that' all I got. Robert
  18. litlerob

    Wise saying of the day.

    "Things made in haste, are hastily made to waste." Keeping in mind that being efficient and being fast are different than "haste" Robert
  19. litlerob

    Breaking a Chip

    Just bought one for a prototype part out of hardened A2, $135 PER CORNER!!!! I would not call that affordable. Robert, my ±2
  20. litlerob

    Shop Control

    Seriously!! If it's break time it's break time. There is a convenience store within 2 minutes (walking) of where I work, my break is 10 minutes, so long as I don't come back late I don't see the problem. And to be honest if something like that were a problem---I would work somewhere else. It...