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    Sodick Taper Issue

    To me it looks as if there's a slug trapped during the cut...
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    Intermittent "Crash" Problem on Mits

    Our MV1200 will give a crash alarm if I bump my arm lightly on it while it is positioning... We also had these false crash alarms, but mostly near the table. Turns out it was the guide rails required cleaning to remove some dust that had mixed with the ways lubrication causing increased drag.
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    Help ID'ing MH700C controller - Heidenhain?

    That is usually the case with these older machines, most manuals are in English and few of the older generations bothered to learn it so they usually toss the manuals aside and over time they get misplaced.
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    Help ID'ing MH700C controller - Heidenhain?

    Best picture he could provide me with his potato phone. Does look like a Heidenhain, although a few machines of this vintage that were assembled here in Brazil had a controller branded "DIADUR" with the same general layout.
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    Help ID'ing MH700C controller - Heidenhain?

    Alright thanks for the reply, I'll ask the seller for a clearer picture
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    Help ID'ing MH700C controller - Heidenhain?

    Hello, I'm looking for info on this controller, does anybody recognize it? It may be an oddball combo to you guys. Machine is for sale, it's a '91. Seller can't tell which controller this is since the faceplate has been resprayed at some point. Thanks in advance
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    EDM wirecut, water impedance over range (Excetek)

    I run an excetek at work that had the same issue. If you have recently replaced the resin, check the solenoid valve that goes to the resin bottle, ours was frozen solid and had to be replaced.
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    2001 VF3 cabinet fan problem

    Can confirm that the 1999 VF-5 I used to run took a while to turn this fan on.
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    apc alarm

    On the FANUCS I ran it was a "hidden" menu, you would go to the "menu" screen and enter either 9999+INPUT or 9998+INPUT, can't recall which one OTOH. Entering 9995+INPUT closed these special menus. That would open up a screen to restore axis position, it provided all the steps to complete the...
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    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    I can concur, I've visited a shop that owns a 2021 (IIRC) VF4, it only shows the programmed feedrate. I've worked on a dinosaur VF-5 from '99 that DID show the actual feedrate, and it struggled a lot with modern code (IE a lot of interpolated G01 moves), but that is expected from a haas this old.
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    Most user friendly CAM system?

    I don't use it anymore, this was on my old job. We were a Mould shop. The mould module was pretty good, but the CAD module just felt... cumbersome. The sketching tools were not that good, and the software tended to give fatal errors every so often, sometimes bricking the model. This was V6...
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    Most user friendly CAM system?

    I recall TopSolid CAM was pretty intuitive, with an elegant and mostly uncluttered interface, and the cost at the time (2018 ish) was very reasonable per my old boss. Their CAD was not so brilliant...
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    nardini ms-1440E

    I'm Brazilian. Maybe I can look around, if you have the part No.?
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    Fanuc Wire EDM - Change Behavior when Cooler Faults

    Hmm yes maybe your firmware has that bug. What version are you running?
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    Fanuc Wire EDM - Change Behavior when Cooler Faults

    Maybe the following helps, never used it. HANDY SETTINGS>>WARNINGS/ALARMS Last setting on the bottom left, change the setting to "IMMEDIATELY", or something close to it (my machine is in Portuguese and running a ~40h program, can't reset it right now to change the language). Default to me is...
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    Fanuc Robocut cut >rapid> thread format .. G92 ?

    Yes that is true, just the G92 is enough
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    Fanuc Robocut cut >rapid> thread format .. G92 ?

    My CAM always posts a G92. It's how FANUC knows where the "start" of the profile is, and how it knows where to start the re-trace process in case of wire breakage.
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    Lincoln square wave tig 355 broken!

    That looks to me like a high capacity ceramic wire wound resistor. They are not hard to find, but you'll have to see if you can find how many ohms/watts it is to order a proper replacement.
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    Hiring from abroad

    I'm at the other end of this (being a 3rd world citizen) and I've looked into visas for the US as a machinist. No such thing, other than temporary work visas, and I don't see why the employers would bother.
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    New Fanuc robocut post example??

    You're welcome! If you need help with anything FANUC WEDM related don't hesitate to post here or shoot me a PM