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    What drill bit to drill glow plugs (tungsten) Duramax?

    Never did this but I'd try it if I had to drilling center mark in something super hard: A Diamond point in a Dremel Tool. (Dremel makes, or at least did make, a very small cordless "motor" which would fit into tight clearances.) A carbide center drill would be next, to get the hole...
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    South bend Series O Refurbishment Help Needed

    Yeah, that odd spindle thread is a challenge! IIRC, it's a contemporary "Sharp Vee" thread profile, which would be shown in a contemporary "Machinery's Handbook." IF I understand the OP, he has "The spindle size is 1-5/8"x8 and it has a faceplate with 7/16" holes(4) at 4-1/16" circle diameter."...
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    Any S.W. Card Collectors here?

    Gents, Just for giggles, May I suggest making a careful inventory of your Card tap & die sets and post here what pieces are needed to fill out the set as 100% Card? It's not uncommon to encounter "odds & ends" - perhaps someone here can help fill those empty or mis-filled spaces in those...
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    Any S.W. Card Collectors here?

    It's not "wrong" to admire precision tools. If you decide to collect Card Taps, you'll be in good company. I'm reminded of the autobiography of famed British engineer James Nasmyth, (1808-1890) who got his start with the great Henry Maudslay (1771-1831) "The greatest treat of all was in store...
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    Brainard Small Hand Milling Machine

    N. B. First, a general comment - you wrote: " I have a bad habit of loading up on rebuild/restore projects, but in the last couple years it feels like I've been catching up and getting a rhythm." I suggest that many forum members can see themselves in that statement ! About internal keyways...
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    Vintage lathe hydraulic drive

    Summary: 1) OP does not want to use a 230/115 transformer operating in step-down mode. ( Quick, clean, nearly foolproof, and elegant in its own way. ) 2) Motor plate shows it is designed for operation on either 115 or 230, so the proposed re-wiring *IS* do-able. Here's where it gets...
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    7” Massive Antique Prentiss Vise Help

    If faced with this problem, I might try these methods. Disclaimer: All are hypothetical, as I've not done this yet. 1) Using countersunk flathead hex-recess screws, a.k.a. Flathead Allen screws. More surface area under the head than a counterbored SHCS. 2) I'd surely attack the stuck, possibly...
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    Help - Identify Machinist Tool Box - Replacement Key?

    Rdd331: It's your _grandfather's tool chest_.The only sensible course of action for this heirloom is to bring it to a local locksmith and have him/her pick the lock without damaging it. They can also likely make a key. I took an old chest to Dekoff's Locksmith in Perth Amboy. He opened it...
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    Need help IDing gas regulator

    It's a Patent DATE, (F)EB 19, (19)07! That was a Tuesday. IIRC, in those days, US Patents were issued only on Tuesdays. Patent lasts 17 years. After that, there's little point in marking the patent date or number, though obviously some firms do not delete the patent from their patterns, molds...
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    Lathe identification please help

    At the risk of "me-tooism", I'd like to point out that Cullman wheel made only the transmission to convert old machine tools from overhead line shaft drive to individual electric motors. The War Department property tag adds historical interest ! A very like-able antique lathe. Be sure to...
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    Is this a redeemable machine?

    Hi! At the very top of this forum, you'll find a "sticky" post that gives guidance for photographing an unknown lathe. Additional photos would be helpful. It's a bit on the large size for a hobby lathe. Southbendmodel34
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    Clausing 6300 worth it?

    AFK: I recommend that you stop sitting on the fence and buy both of them ASAP before someone else does. Re: The Heald - B&S taper tooling is no longer common but can be found. NMTB (National Machine Tool Builders) taper tooling is very common on the used market. Getting it home: U-haul...
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    South Bend HW-103n's

    IMHO, the obsession some feel regarding getting everything "as original" on an old machine tool that's actually going to be used is a carry-over from automobile restoration practice. I'm with the school of thought that holds "paint it any color(s) you like as long as it's good paint and...
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    Grand Rapids #28 Grinder-Questions

    JDLeach, You, or anyone who garners useful "free" information from VintageMachinery.org should consider shooting them an appropriate small donation. They must have internet hosting expenses. They have been a great resource to many. John Ruth
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    Measuring or clamping tool?

    The 7" to 11" size would seem to preclude any use related to a fruit press. Plus, cleaning in gasoline is incompatible with food. ( It must be something that gets oily / grimey, but must be clean to function accurately . ) I can't say what it is, but perhaps by saying what it _isn't_, but...
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    Grand Rapids #28 Grinder-Questions

    JDLeach, Re: Hydraulic Oil and lubes for old machines: Any large industrial lubricants dealer will have tables of equivalency or near-equivalency between current lubricants and "legacies". Call around. If you don't find it in the nearest city, call farther afield. You have to find the right...
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    Wesson Universal Milling Vise

    Joe, Sounds like one of those "fiddle projects" which are deeply satisfying even though they don't make hardheaded economic sense! Why do "we" do these things?' Because the knowledge, skills, and intelligence needed to perform them is a deep part of our identities! And, we know when we are...
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    Wesson Universal Milling Vise

    Joe, Please post details on the size of the handles you need. You can scale the lengths off the patent drawing in Larry's great post #2. Are the business end(s) of the handle(s) hexagonal or square, male or female, and what size? ( If they're square, a lathe chuck key or a socket ratchet...
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    Fully Hardened Jacobs Chuck?

    Tom A Purely a SWAG on my part, but from the straight-shank, I infer that this was meant for some sort of high-production scenario such as a Houadille ( ? Sp. ? ) turret drill, a turret lathe, or a screw machine. All of the above crank out mass production, particularly the latter two. This...
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    Steel identification

    Found a table from the North Texas Blacksmith Association similar to the one I was referring to in Post #3, above: