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    Maho mh700 information

    I posted manuals and sales literature over on the HM board (here on PM the max file size is very limiting).
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    Cincinnati Falcon 200 - tool holders WTB

    I have an old (1997) Cincinnati Falcon 200 lathe, running Acramatic A2100. I picked it up non-operational, got things sorted out and it seems to work fine. I have now run a few projects, though it is my first experience on a CNC lathe, I’m quite liking it. I’ve been using a VMC a fair amount...
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    Maho MH600

    Yes, I posted it in the form for downloading manuals (link doesn’t work anymore). I also posted it on Hobby Machinist in the download section there (you’ll need to become a member - make a donation).
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    Colchester Triumph 2000 - Jaws

    If the above link does not provide what you are looking for, you can try PrattB. You can even try mix and match from other makers - but it is a crap shoot (I needed pinions for a nameless 3J, Bison pinions were a spot on match). In Strictly practical terms, just go purchase another chuck (a...
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    Maho MH 600 and MH 700 Documentation

    I found the download section here on PM to be difficult (small allowable file size). I posted them on Hobby Machinist, go to their download section, “search downloads” for Maho. My user name there is Chipper5783
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    Maho mh600

    What vintage MH600 are you referring to? I have the older round head version (early to mid-‘60s). I posted manuals in the download section (I don’t remember if it was here on PM or over on HM). Regardless, if that is what you’re looking for, I‘m glad to help you out.
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    WTB-10ee 4k, w Taper - (x30"if possible) - the unicorn

    What is the problem in buying from a dealer? I’ve purchased two machines (used) from dealers. I checked them out - they were reputable, worked out fine. One of the machines needed some after sales support, and they were there for me. I figure if the dealer has the product you want/need and...
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    Enterprise 1550 Lathe - Manual

    Download it from the Hobby Machinist site (Practical Machinist doesn’t allow much for file size, even after I’d saved at lower resolution it was still too big). Go to the download section, then search the word “Enterprise”.
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    Maho MH600 (manual machine, 1968), #11367, English version of electrical schematic needed.

    Hi Mh600, do you know what year your machine is? I posted a bunch of info in the downloads section over on hobby machinist (they allow a file size that is reasonable). You are correct that the early MH600/700 (sometimes referred to as “round heads”), are not common - but there certainly are a...
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    Recently aquired Maho 700

    What does it have for tooling or attachments? I see you just bought it, are you trying to sell it (or curious if you paid too much)? If it is just the bare machine, it is not worth very much. For a home guy it can make a nice hobby machine, getting it fixed up, spend time (and $$) sourcing...
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    Maho MH 600 and MH 700 Documentation

    Trying again - it won't let me post much of a file size. I'll try posting them over on the hobby machinist board - downloads section (they allow larger files). David
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    New to me Maho SK250

    I posted them in Machinery Manuals and Brochures, but the links don’t seem to work anymore. I will try reposting - I’m getting quite a few requests of late. David
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    Where to buy milling machines and lathes in Canada

    What do you mean by "decent price"? Your ambition is very common - pay almost nothing for a fabulous machine. That sometimes happens, but not very often (sort of like winning a lottery). My experience, as a young guy that ended up in mechanical engineering, was buying a slightly used (new...
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    VMC 1000/22 DX-32 Bridgeport - "Spindle Error"

    Part of what makes this frustrating is that sometimes the machine runs great. After posting the above note, sitting down for a bite to eat - I restarted and the machine ran great for 2 hours (to end of day). My power source may be part of the problem as I'm running off a 100A-240 single phase...
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    VMC 1000/22 DX-32 Bridgeport - "Spindle Error"

    Having trouble with my old (1998) Bridgeport VMC 1000/22. It has been a pretty decent machine for me (had it about 4 years). The spindle keeps tripping off ("AM Spindle : Spindle Error"). Sometimes the machine will run for half an hour, sometimes only a couple minutes. Sometimes it happens...
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    Smart and Brown 1024 tachometer (from S&B insert tooling)

    I've the drawbar and picked up a set of 5C collets. My 6" 3J is not branded (but quite a nice one), the 8" 4J is a narrow profile direct mount PB (very nice to have is to short). The Algra post looks similar to the Dixon or Rapid-Original. How is it for getting additional holders? I don't...
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    Smart and Brown 1024 tachometer (from S&B insert tooling)

    Here is the definition of "extra equipment" according to S&B:
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    Smart and Brown 1024 tachometer (from S&B insert tooling)

    Have you any of the "Extra Equipment"?
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    Smart and Brown 1024 tachometer (from S&B insert tooling)

    I've much enjoyed your dialog about your S&B 1024's. I have a '63 round head, which is pretty much original. I'm running my shop via a PhasePerfect, the machine is 240V, so the power up was pretty straight forward. There were some minor repairs, and the usual cleaning - but I really like the...
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    Bergonzi Radial Arm Drill U.T.25 - Looking for information ?

    A small RAD has come to me, the smallest true radial arm drill I'd ever seen (7.25" column). It is a Bergonzi U.T.25 (Italy). It came to me mostly disassembled, all is pretty straight forward - though some documentation would be useful. My research identifies that Bergonzi was affiliated with...