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    Oh my gosh, we just discovered magnetic aluminum

    Unfortunately, I don't have an alloy number, but check out this video: Five-String Electric Pipa/Guitar Hybrid - It Rocks! - YouTube Tim Sway is a luthier, and he recently did a job for a band he knows, making a modernized version of an ancient Chinese instrument, where he was mistakenly sold...
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    Is humidity effecting your SLA parts?

    There's a chance that the resin you're using is slight hygroscopic, meaning it holds moisture, much like nylon, and when you use the solvent bath, the solvent draws the water out, causing microcavities that collapse under the weight/internal stresses of the semi-cured resin. If you're worried...
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    Oh my gosh, we just discovered magnetic aluminum

    I know this is an old and dead thread, but I had to set up an account to try and give you an answer. There's a type of alloy called AlNiCo, which is an unholy mix of Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt, and Iron. It's often mistaken for Aluminum, and sometimes mislabeled in metal shops. There's this guy...