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    Anyone using WCCO agricultural belts instead of leather/fabric?

    Make sure the sheaves are clean. Mine tends to get a bit of oil film on them after a while and it wants the occasional wipe down with solvent to fix it.
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    Got a SB Hvy 10 back and need parts/ advice.

    Thats an interesting tailstock arrangement. Never seen one with pneumatic lock and quill feed before.
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    Looking for two bolt sizes on a 10L...

    Pretty sure mine uses these too. I know I've used common bolts in both holes without any troubles.
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    Kaeser Compressor, is this the normal life?

    I'm assuming 3 phase at that power level? Fastest way I know to roast a 3 phase motor is to lose a phase. Would be worth checking the motor starter for burned contacts and if it doesn't have thermal overloads to protect the motor you may want to add that. if its just a bearing, replace it and...
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    Plans for Camlock Tailstock Mod?

    The plate underneath breaks. Did that to mine. Its a cast iron piece and it just won't suffer too much abuse. The screw isn't the weak point on the South Bend. I have since replaced the plate and it has a shim washer to make the stock tailstock wrench give me a useful lock/unlock range.
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    Do I let this Heavy 10 Go...?

    Stone off the high spots and re-assemble with appropriate cleaning and new wicks. Sell it to someone who wants a lathe that doesn't need to be supremely accurate and just make sure they understand its an old machine that is not perfect. That one has a little more damage than my 10L, but its...
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    How to increase 3 jaw chuck holding power?

    I've had issues with mine when the chuck needed to be stripped and cleaned. It will seem to tighten up but its actually binding on the crap on the scroll rather than tightening against the workpiece. When you re-assemble, it wants a little bit of oil on the scroll only, just enough to keep the...
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    13" counter shaft bearings shot

    My 1957 10L has ball bearings, but not the common ones. They are the wider New Departure ones. You could fit standard ones and add a spacer but at the time I needed bearings I didn't have a running lathe on which to make them. I was able to find direct replacements somewhere on the internet...
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    1941 South Bend Heavy 10 - Paint Color and Taper Attachment Questions

    I actually use the binding screw on mine as a cross-slide lock. Its helpful when doing interrupted cuts sometimes. I've not used the TA for anything other than tinkering yet. For short tapers, honestly the compound is easier to set up and use. You're just limited to about 2" of travel with it.
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    Help Needed with collet closer

    If both spindles and bearings are in decent shape, you could just swap the whole thing to the other machine.
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    Dial Indicator

    The cheap mag back ones are really useful for carriage travel. I use mine in place of a stop. For centering, I have a different cheap gauge that I rig off the tool holder with a rod and a snug. I'm running a lantern post, so the rod replaces the bolt that clamps tool bits in and the...
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    Heavy 10 package deal value?

    Its a very nice package, the tooling and accessories definitely have value. If you were looking to rank a 10L, that would have to be up there on the desirable list. Late production with goodies and 4.5' hard bed is a really nice combo. Honestly if I were you and looking for a lathe upgrade...
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    13 head stock bearings

    This is what I used on mine https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/south-bend-lathes/sb-10l-gear-side-thrust-washer-question-320511-post2771291/#post2771291 That sits between the takeup nut and the rear spindle bearing. I suppose you might get it to work on the other side, between the cone...
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    Gear Box Bearings

    I soaked mine in mineral spirits for a while then flushed them out with brakleen. I did not take the tumblers apart since they spun smoothly.
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    Lubricant for between back gear and spindle?

    I used silicone grease in mine. Not actual SuperLube, but a Napa-branded version of the same thing. I didn't fill the whole thing up either, just gave the bearing surfaces a good heavy smear along with a generous wipe on the spindle itself. Seems to be fine. If it gets stupid on me, I'll just...
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    Heavy 10 Electrical Mounting Question

    If there was a seal, it may have just been a heavy paper gasket that fell apart and was lost sometime in the last 75 years. That end leg is not the standard one, so it was obviously meant to have something installed there. The typical one doesn't have the opening like yours does.
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    Need your opinion

    Agree with above, if its not too bad, file down any burrs that might jam against the mating gear, if its too damaged to run braze it up and re-cut the tooth. That can be done by hand with files, or on a mill with the proper setup.
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    Lighting For Your South Bend

    I have a 4' shop light directly above the machine. I use an LED flashlight if I need to see something brighter. I also have can lights in the shop area for general lighting.
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    Early 13-Need a Primary Bracket

    I was also going to suggest brazing it back together. A clean braze job and a coat of paint will hide that very nicely.
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    What would you do?

    If you really can't stand it, put it together and run it long enough to make a new shaft. Shouldn't be any big deal if you knock the high spots and burrs off though.