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    Minature vertical metal lathe for sale

    I wonder how happy the seller really is? Back when this machine was first posted on PM, I tried to buy it from him. He wanted $4,000. I have been very curious about the origins of this little thing. I grew up near Troy, MO, and had never heard of Powell Machine Co. I still have plenty of...
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    Nichols Mill: Master Gearmotor Replacement or Parts

    Ditto on everything sfriedberg wrote. My Nichols came to me without a motor, and it took nearly two years to find a replacement. Several of us here went in on a parts machine, and my part was the motor. As it was, I had to make a new output shaft...during which I discovered that NO parts are...
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    9" South Bend under power, first time since 2000.

    There can't be many of those Wades in our neck of the woods. If it's in any kind of servicable condition you'd better jump on it!
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    Van norman question

    I have a 12/6 head that has had the spindle reground to B&S #9 taper. They are definitely NOT hard all the way through.
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    Nichols mill

    My understanding is that the difference is in the gears. If memory serves, one of the manuals states that other gear ratios could be purchased from Master and retrofitted. However, I've only seen the 350 rpm versions in the flesh...so I can't say for sure. Josh
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    interesting VN hand miller on ebay

    Hey, Brownfoot, With 3 Nichols, you simply must have an extra vertical head adapter lying around somwhere... :>
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    VN 12 Spindle regrind...do I, and if so, to what?

    I know it is possible to regrind it to B&S #9, because mine is so configured. Doing so would enable you to hone your cursing skills every time you change tooling (it sticks terribly). Like 5V, it is hard to find, so you really gain nothing. I've looked at regrinding mine, or even making a new...
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    Nichols mill

    Looks just like mine. Maybe the only difference is the lube! Josh
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    Nichols mill

    I concur with BB; I would choose a spindle oil. As for reassembling the spindle, let me make the disclaimer that I have a standard-speed head, and I have never seen an intermediate-speed head either in person or in pictures. It is quite possible that there are internal differences...
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    Nichols mill

    Hi Andyman, The topic of lubrication in the Nichols has been discussed quite a bit here. Eventually it just boils down to what you're comfortable doing. The manual says to use Socony-Vacuum 600W for all grease fittings. If you've tried to find that, you're aware that it is available but...
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    Nichols motor output shaft doesn't spin under power

    For the bearing removal and installation I used a hydraulic press. I don't have one of my own, but the welding shop across the street from my employer does...it was a two minute job and they didn't charge me for it. I'd have to think that most any fab shop or even automotive shop would have...
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    Nichols motor output shaft doesn't spin under power

    BB, I'm a little confused. In your first post you said the motor still runs, but in the last one I read "motor shaft" to mean the rotor is busted?? Maybe I'm just being thick today. If it's the output shaft of the gearbox that is broken (the one the big gear is on), they are easy to make. I...
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    Hendey Lathe in Utah classifieds

    This one has been advertised before, but at higher prices. Perhaps the seller is getting hungry for a sale.
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    Old lathe with unusal leg shape

    If you look really close at the pictures in the ad, it looks like the outboard (carriage) ways stop short on the tailstock end of the bed. I think the seller seller has had the entire thing apart, and has staged the photo with the headstock and tailstock on the wrong ends of the bed. This...
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    Old lathe with unusal leg shape

    Mr. Turk, The price is certainly very little. I'm about three hours away from this lathe, in the right direction for you (Twin Falls, Idaho area). I'd be willing to fetch it, and if you're not in a hurry I can probably get it as far as Boise. Josh
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    Old lathe with unusal leg shape

    This lathe is being advertised for sale in the Salt Lake City, UT area. It isn't mine, but I remember some past discussion on this leg shape. I can't remember the details, though, and my search efforts were fruitless. Obviously an old rig from the tailstock arrangement. Not a treadle...
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    The NEW 10K - sneak preview!

    Well, I guess I'll jump into this. SmithSolar, is the "history of lathes and engineering of lathes" a book, or do you just mean in general? If it's a book, niether Google nor Barnes & Noble nor Powell's have ever heard of it. I have read quite a bit on the subject, but am not aware of...
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    Nichols Mill Pullleys + tool holders

    I don't think your spindle has been replaced. Rather, I think your machine is an early one with a spindle extention (reducer). The purpose of this was to allow the use of pulleys with identical bore sizes, and to be able to swap the motor and spindle pulleys to provide more speeds. I'd...
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    Nichols Mill Pullleys + tool holders

    Rich, The first thing we need to do is identify the motor output speed on your Nichols. Except for the very late model, all Nichols shipped with a gearmotor made by Master. The nameplate on the motor is 1725 rpm, but there is an integrated reducer gearbox on the output side. The "standard"...