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    Machining teflon

    If machining PTFE, e.g. DuPont Teflon, to tight tolerances, stay away (either above or below) from about 68-70*F (and, to a lesser degree, about 85*F) as it undergoes a sudden thermal expansion step. Annealing prior may also be helpful. Regardless, it does creep a lot under sustained stress...
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    OT, framing a header, size?

    It’s about the header for the entire width of a load bearing end wall, not the width of the door header that happens to be in/under that wall? For a 10 ft door you’re use a 10 foot (or closest longer) end wall table??? Likely 2 2x12 or 3 2x10 would be sufficient? Don’t know for certain however.
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    Machining Hardened 17-4 Rings

    Passivation removes any free iron from the surface and slightly increases the surface chromium concentration improving corrosion resistance.
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    OT: Tape to stick on bottom of metal drawers to stop metal on metal sound

    You mean PETE (i.e. polyester)? PTFE (or TFE) “Teflon” would be the slipperiest, UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) should wear better/longer. PETE (or PET)… not sure; maybe not as good as the other two? I might try UHMWPE first.
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    OT- Math question about a ratio from an old SAT exam

    Three times the radius so three times the circumference (c = 2*pi*r) so three turns for the little circle to circumnavigate the big circle. (b)
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    Looking for sheet tin

    Try Goodfellow? Tin Metal - online catalog source - supplier of research materials in small quantities - Goodfellow
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    Deeep 1/2-20

    Perhaps a threaded adjuster/jack w/ a 14 inch range? Still, a pain to tap.
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    Tying multiple wires together instead of a single large conductor..?

    Two 14 AWG should be about same as a single 10 AWG.
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    Holley carburetor factory walkthrough

    Shamelessly borrowed from GE Instruments 1962 version of the Turbo Encabulator which they “borrowed” from other visionaries before them)! Later, of course saw the development of the Retro Turbo Encabulator, which ultimately made the Micro Turbo Encabulator possible.
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    Holley carburetor factory walkthrough

    Had a single barrel Holly on a Dodge Dart w/ the “Leaning Tower of Power” under the hood long ago. Slow but dependable. If it had a 340 six pack instead, I expect it would have been more entertaining!
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    Straight Al finish over time, will it pass the white glove test?

    Have a Chemical (“Chromate”) Conversion coating done to it. If you want thicker than infinitesimal, and harder, finish, anodize (dyed or not) instead.
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    Strange issue with a 4' fluorescent light fixture

    Bad ground to fixture or bad ground to reflector. Failing that, bad ballast. Assume/guessing new tubes don’t/wouldn’t help.
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    Strange issue with a 4' fluorescent light fixture

    Bad ground to fixture or bad ground to reflector. Failing that, bad ballest.
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    Aftermarket body parts for the shop truck

    Keeps your um, <cough!> from dragging on the ground? If it runs fine, just a bit “holy” it would be crazy not to fix up. Ask a local body shop who’s got decent fitting metal?
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    Carbon Teflon Tapping

    If it’s inside the booster section opposite a rail button I wouldn’t worry about the eject charge. It comes and goes quickly. I take it the upper rail button ins above the top motor mount centering ring? Good luck w/ your presumably pending L1 cert. launch.
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    OT - Vacuum will remove water from tire - won't it?

    Or calcium chloride (vs. pricier beet juice) in the ballast water.
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    O-ring fitting dimensions in socket

    Google “Parker ORD-5700” o-ring handbook.
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    Parallel Bar calibration

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    Fresh cast iron threads gulling and locking black oxide socket cap bolts

    10-32 and M5: .190” vs .197” basic major dia. and 32 vs. 31.75 TPI. Should get gradually harder vs. suddenly, but potential trouble all the same.
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    Turbine oil no. 90 ?

    Same gasoline stock, just a matter of what additive pack they toss in the tanker at the rack, before it dumps it at the station, and whether it has been tested ($$) to the Top Tier standard. If it’s not Top Tier branded may be fine anyway, e.g. it’s capable of passing the tests, or it may not quite.