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    The Haas that would not work---revisited $700,000 engine block project---Maybe not the Haas?

    After watching his backstory video, he has earned every milestone he achieves! It's really sad the journey was so expensive.
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    2J Head, 2HP Bridgeport Motor Removal

    You mean it's not supposed to sound like an oilless compressor?
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    Compressor on VFD - has anybody actually done it?

    Im curious about the difference in inrush current values with and without your bypass valve.
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    The order of filters on this portable lunch box filter arrangement?

    I use a homemade one. Coalescing->Desiccant->Motor Guard->Reg. It's my understanding that you meed a filter after the desiccant to catch the dust from the beads. @Doozer You make a good point about the regulators position in the stack.
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    Moving Load with Ivory Soap

    I had a tell me they used to use pork belly with the hide facing up to slide big things. He said it's important not to push very hard or it will crash through the wall at the other end.
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    Reconditioning My HLV-H

    I recently had to repair a flaw on my unmentionable 13x40 lathe saddle. The flat bearing surface of the cross slide closest to the chuck was exposed by 0.050". Any and all debris was wicked into the horizontal sliding surface and turned into glitter. I set it up in the mill and trammed it with...
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    Advice on the value/utility of a Bridgeport model "J" Vertical Milling Machine

    This. Unless there's a reason to get rid of it now, don't give it away!
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    making custom collets

    Sharp set-up!
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    I-Beam install options for chain hoist

    I swapped quite a few big blocks with transmissions using a come along hanging from a tree limb in the 70's and 80's. Not sure I would count on it these days but, ignorance is bliss!
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    I-Beam install options for chain hoist

    If you lived in Bel Air, you might not have any money left over after paying your property taxes! Who knows, it could be the family home.
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    Antique late 1800s Britannia Treadle Lathe query

    I love it for small parts but, Evaporust is sort of all or nothing. The parts need to be submerged or you'll get an etched line where it dries. I have heard of people keeping paper towels wet and in contact with the part, like a table top. I think that would be difficult on a complex part
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    Antique late 1800s Britannia Treadle Lathe query

    I would set up an electrolysis tank to derust the entire assembly before trying to take it apart. May as well work with clean parts now, you need to do it at some point in time anyway.
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    Q on broaching 1/4 slot in aluminum

    I haven't seen it mentioned, be very careful pushing that broach with a hydraulic press! You don't have the feel with hydraulics like you get with an arbor press. Broaches are brittle and will shatter if you apply too much side load, you want to peck it through. Press a few teeth, release the...
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    Physics question has divided my friends

    I do special effects in the film industry. We often use air mortars to blow things up instead of pyro, it's generally safer and no permits needed. Our largest mortar is a 60 gallon tank with a 3" ball valve and we run pressures up to 325 psi, depending on the gag. We start low and test our way...
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    Material to use as a thrust washer in a model T engine

    I spent a few years in wastewater treatment, not bothered by nasty:D
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    Material to use as a thrust washer in a model T engine

    It's good to see the old, less than helpful forum members are still alive and well. I was wondering why this place didn't didn't feel so nasty anymore!!
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    Scrap or push on with leblond 21 heavy duty

    The only difference would be the size of the motor needed to power the gearbox.
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    Scrap or push on with leblond 21 heavy duty

    Electronic lead screw. Encoder on the spindle and a stepper driving the gearbox, you'll even be able to cut metric threads. Lots of info here
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    Full tear down and Rebuild of a 10EE Round Dial

    Wow, what a fantastic write up and beautiful job on the lathe!