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    For Sale Powermatic 1150 Drill Press Spindle Assembly NOS #2640018

    Here is quill drive and second spindle. thought i would separate photos for clarity. Both spindles are MT and about 20 5/8 long .. These are longer than the JT drives that hold a chuck. The black lines in last pic point to quill drive and collar I am referring to.
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    For Sale Powermatic 1150 Drill Press Spindle Assembly NOS #2640018

    Okay here is what I know. The spindle pictured with the tape measure matches the bearings in the quill. The journals where the bearings ride are 20mm. the bearings in the quill are 6004 and 6204 as shown. The quill, spindle, spline drive AND the quill drive shaft with collar with three tapped...
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    For Sale Powermatic 1150 Drill Press Spindle Assembly NOS #2640018

    Again, sorry for poor photo (reason I didn't upload earlier.) By counting spaces in Drive Shaft there are 10 splines.
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    True Trace Model 1066-3 for Lathe complete unit FS

    Complete True Trace for lathe with 110V pump and fully operational. See operation of a True Trace here. This unit came from MRO division of a major defense contractor UTI. Pick up in North AL or could place on pallet for buyer paid shipping. $800. I have a movie of it operating I can send on...
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    WTB Manual for Majestic JU 1 1/2 vertical milling machine

    There was a wanted post for this years ago but no manual found. .It is 40 taper machine I bought with 3 other bridgeports to rebuild.. Head appears to be in good shape, leadscrew backlash a bit excessive.,
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    NOS Powermatic Pinion Quill Operating Shaft #3586025 for PM 1150 Drill Press

    Powermatic drill press quill drive shaft Part #3586025 NOS. Part listed over $300 and not available elsewhere. $75 plus shipping or free pick up in Athens AL 35611 Other PM1150 NOS parts listed below
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    Powermatic Spindle Drive for #1150 Drill Press NOS #3144006

    NOS spindle drive for Powermatic 1150 DP. This is drive only without step pulley or bearings. A Complete quill assembly offered in other listing. This drives the spline on spindle. $75 plus shipping. Free pickup in Athens AL 35611 Request and additional pictures or dimensions.
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    For Sale Powermatic 1150 Drill Press Spindle Assembly NOS #2640018

    I have a new discontinued complete spindle assembly for PM 1550 drill press. These were priced at $280 several years ago when production ceased. Willing to take $250 plus shipping. Includes quill, spindle, bearings, collars, key and setscrews. Also shows inspection report of run-out at...
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    Bridgeport Knee Chip Guard Dimensions

    I need the dimensions for upper and lower metal chip guards for knee if someone has their machine apart. I bought a basket case with only the castings for base with little else. I want to fab these since they run over $50 each plus shipping.. Thanks in advance
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    Help needed on Cincinnati #2 MI Horz mill lubrication (Solved)

    I have a Cincy Horizontal mill I am cleaning up and moving to another shop. The lubrication item #11 on first sheet states to fill to line on sight glass for lubrication the vertical screw. I removed the door covering the drive for the knee and the sight glass has no line attached. I cannot find...
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    20" Steptoe Shaper Rebuild. Help needed.

    These are great and closest photos to what I have,, Thanks!
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    20" Steptoe Shaper Rebuild. Help needed.

    Thanks so much. Yes I think it is an earlier model and electric drive might have been a package sold later for the model with new gear reduction assembly and cast mounting . (No welded plates/arms as a shop built assy.)
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    20" Steptoe Shaper Rebuild. Help needed.

    Found serial number under the grease on top of the ram States "Ser No 1288" Hope someone has an idea of date of mfg. Motor tag is 3 phase 2 hp and found another add on tag under paint on door.