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    OT... Thy last ditch effort for help unlocking my Facebook account.

    My first email account years ago got screwed up, and I wound up calling reps throughout North America trying to fix it. Finally, one representative suggested just starting a new email account. The problem was then fixed within 5 minutes after I'd spent a week and many hours trying to save...
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    Why Wont My Filler Stick

    By the way -- keep ANY silicone products far away from the areas you want to paint. Silicone contamination will result in "fish-eyes" in your paint. If you ever use automotive wax on anything, lottsa luck painting it later.
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    War machine needs a new motor

    When I have to adapt a newer motor to an older machine, I like to just make an adapter plate - that way, I can always go back to the old motor if I can ever get it overhauled.
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    Questions about a small pneumatic hammer

    What you have is a chipping hammer. They were typically used to caulk edges of steel plates in shipbuilding and boiler making. I've used them to form a bead on boiler tubes after they've been installed. Normal chisels for these include chisels for gouging steel plate, for beading boiler tubes...
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    Silver Conductive Grease Your experiences?

    Back when I worked on railroad passenger cars, the cars were equipped with all 32 volt DC lighting & power systems. These were fed by axle-driven generators with a large battery bank. We had a silver plating setup in the shop that we used to plate all the 1/4" x 2" bus bars and knife switch...
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    Danray/Moffet vs. McMaster work light for a B-port?

    I replaced the standard incandescent bulbs in my mill lights with off the shelf LED bulbs.
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    WiFI walkie-talkies

    If your shop is relatively close to your home, maybe an old fashioned wired intercom might be the answer. You'd have to trench in a multi-conductor cable, but then you'd be set. You could add stations to the areas your father uses, and maybe have one on a cable so it could sit close to his...
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    Safe Starting Fluid for Propane Forklift Engines?

    When I've run into this, I use ether starting fluid - just a quick squirt always worked. The intake valves can get burned over time in a propane engine, and that reduces the engine intake vacuum when you're trying to start it. The reduced vacuum doesn't open the propane regulator, so it can't...
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    Unusual small Steam Simplex Pump.

    I wonder if it could have been made for a salesman's sample?
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    Best phase converter for a gelato machine

    I installed an American Rotary about 4 years ago and it had done an excellent job for my equipment. I had thought about a DIY converter, but when I looked at my cost-of-time, it made more sense to purchase a complete unit.
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    Air Compressor ID and possible uses?

    I'd go along with it being a High school shop project.
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    Is it possible to pull this #2 Al cable out of conduit or not?

    If it's old rubber insulated cable, you'll have to remove the conduit to get to the cable, and even then, it will fight you. I had that happen with some railroad passenger cars that were being re-wired, and we wanted to remove the old 85 ft runs of #2 rubber insulated (1955 vintage). Nothing...
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    Help: Colchester Bantam 600, How to power 600v 3 phase panel On 220v single phase.

    It might be a good idea to see what the motor nameplate says. They usually wind up totally hidden from view, but a small mirror might help give you some possible answers. And has been already suggested - a motor swapout is a straightforward solution.
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    OT - decent brand of house switches and 120v outlets?

    The only brand I like is Hubbell. Definitely quality. I buy them 10 at a time through eBay if I can - there's always someone with some that are surplus. All my shop receptacles - straight blade and twist lock, are Hubbell. They are all connected through the side screws, with pigtails to any...
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    is white camp gas suitable as a direct replacement for naptha solvent?

    Here in MN, a gallon of naptha sells for about $9, but there are always alternatives. The standard for TIG pre-cleaning has always been acetone, but other options are out there. Some include lacquer thinner (flammable), mineral spirits, auto body Prep-Sol (close to naptha, and -0- residue), and...
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    Square head capscrew are useful for what these days?

    Years ago, I gave up and bought a set of 8-point impact sockets to handle them. The sockets were amazingly cheap - probably since the dealer hadn't had to reorder them for years!
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    Strange Item on my new to me Monarch lathe

    I'm guessing that the chain was used to lift the lathe and was used between the chuck and the headstock. I've never been happy when I see someone lifting a lathe that way, but it happens very often. I have seen it done with a lifting strap more often than a chain, though.
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    Any problem with using Rol-A-Lifts to move Clausing-C Lathe?

    Years ago, I used eight Roll-a-Lifts to move a hydraulic 6 ft press brake. Four across the machine, and two on each end. It worked perfectly. As I recall, we spent about half an hour getting them into place, and 10 minutes with 4 men pushing to move the machine about 75 ft. One caution though -...
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    OT: Are ship propellors still made of bronze.

    During WWII, my uncle was a rigger in one of the San Francisco ship yards. He told me of a prop replacement that he worked on that turned out to be a little scary. The crew started using kerosene salamanders to heat the prop nut cap so they could melt out the tallow filling so they could unbolt...
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    Santa's Turret Lathe

    Maybe they ran out of green paint?