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    Mikron VCP600 with Heidenhain TNC530 PT100 thermistors.

    I know for a fact the machine is equipped with thermistors. I have had the file with W486-W490 open while milling, and can see the values changing. Also, if I press MOD key and enter code 4261, it will write the values where the feed and spindle overwrite bars are normally shown. After being in...
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    Mikron VCP600 with Heidenhain TNC530 PT100 thermistors.

    Thank you for your reply. I have read this section of the manual already, and have also been in dialog with Heidenhain. With no luck. Since its a 20 year old machine, they dont really want to touch it. They said it seems more like a mechanical problem, which could be true since the Y-axis...
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    Mikron VCP600 with Heidenhain TNC530 PT100 thermistors.

    Hi, and thanks for your reply. The Y-axis ballscrew was changed before I started the job, because of a crash. So I honestly dont know. But what I'm told is that it did not behave like this before. I will check to be sure tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I dont have a folder in the PLC: called...
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    Mikron VCP600 with Heidenhain TNC530 PT100 thermistors.

    At my workplace we have an old (2003) Mikron VCP600, which has a Heidenhain TNC530 control. I have a problem with the Y-axis expanding when milling. I am sure this is due to heat since the higher the feed, the more it will move. I tried milling a part, noting the coordinates of the datum, and...
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    Heidenhain TNC 640 .TAB file help

    Hi and thanks for your answer. The reason I didn't answer is because I fixed the problem, and forgot about this post. It's like you said, I did not have the correct number of rows in my table. I had no rows, so when I added one, it worked. But thanks anyways.
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    Heidenhain TNC 640 .TAB file help

    Hi Heidenhain users. I'm using a machine with a Heidenhain TNC 640 control, where I'm trying to make a .TAB file which I can read and write Q parameters from. Actually I want to read/write QS parameters, but I get the error message "Table acces denied". I first thought writing QS parameters to...
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    Heidenhain - Datum Table vs Preset Table

    Hi, thanks for responding. I figured out how to enable basic rotation as the machine is set up now. I think. I have a part ready to measure monday. I just made a small program which runs a basic rotation cycle, and then a cycle that measures XYZ. I can see when it moves from the first point in...
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    Heidenhain Preset table turned off

    Hi I recently started a new job, and the CNC mill that I'm mostly gonna operate, is the same as one of the CNC mills from my old job, a Mikron VCP 600 with Heidenhain iTNC 530 controller. There are small differences though, I'll happily adjust, but the guy operating the machine before me...
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    Heidenhain iTNC 530

    Hi! Just started at a new job, and they got a CNC milling machine that is similar to one of the mills I used at my old job. It's a Mikron VCP600, the one at my old job had a System 3R robot attached, and this one at my new job got an (old) Erowa robot. The JMS is running on Windows xp. Maybe...