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    Checking tail stock alignment.

    Amazing that anyone would advocate using the od of the tailstock for alignment.:rolleyes5: If you're calling that good enough, may as well just save some farting around and just eyeball two centers brought together.
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    Why does my lathe bore tapers?

    Getting tapered holes when boring is for sure from saddle lift.. the front left (operators side) lifts up and wants to go away... the material being bored pushes bar towards the center. The bottom of the bored hole will often not be flat, but will be tapered. Any slop in the way locks will make...
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    Powermatic Millrite MVN spindle speeds

    Looks like 1200 rpm is standard (std) for the motor speed, so look at your motor tag where it says Leeson and see what rpm it is, then you can read the chart. There's 5 possible motor speeds.. including another 1200 rpm motor has a 4 spd reducer. If you have the standard motor, your speed...
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    Looking to buy a replacement lathe, need suggestions.

    Agree 100%. New poster. They get way more attention on this forum than they should. All the info is out there already with some searching, time, education, etc. It's called 'getting up to speed'.
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    Bench grinder qustion

    You don't need a thread gauge. Go back to store and try it on standard threads. It will go I wager. They will have the correct lh nut at a place like ACE.
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    Looking to buy a replacement lathe, need suggestions.

    Boxfords are pretty rare. I just sold a 500 VSL that I had for 15 years. Over that time I kept an eye out on the usual channels and lathes, parts, accessories were far and few between, so don't hold you breath. I was not part of the yahoo user group, so maybe that's where all the stuff is...
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    Romi 13-5 460v to 230v

    Try over at garagejournal... some very knowledgeable and patient folks over there.
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    Doall 13-5 lube question

    I'm changing out the fluids in a 13-5 Romi/Tormax/Bridgeport 13-5 Lathe. Apron is done. The manual is confounding me. Seems there are 3 areas that need fluid: apron, headstock and below that the gearbox. The manual shows fill and drain locations for those 3. But then on one page it lists 4...
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    What to do with a pile of heavy 1018 flats?

    Gdmn that's some nice stuff....wish it was closer. Free.... that's nuts. Rust wont hurt it..screw the oil.
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    Complete shop selling out!!!

    Lol Clist is about as simple and stripped down as the internet gets.. it's a relic. If someone can't handle Clist, may as well throw the 'puter in the trash.
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    Craigslist funny time!

    Did you see 700$ of accessories? Still high imo, but hardly noteworthy.
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    Complete shop selling out!!!

    Look in 'auto parts'.
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    Complete shop selling out!!!

    Ries has it right on all counts. I only do Clist, but look at FB Marketplace to window shop, and there is less and less on Clist and more and more on FBM. And on top of that, alot of the gun nutter sedition types do other forums that they seem to think suits them better. FBM gets lots of...
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    Opinions wanted on fair market value of my mill

    The market will determine. Opinions have nothing to do with it.
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    Got this ridiculous RFQ

    Cant get anyone to do shit. Won't answer phones, no callback, don't show up when they say they will etc etc. Turning into some freekin banana republic. Get up late, take a siesta, get shit faced, repeat.
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    Got this ridiculous RFQ

    Machine shops never have know it all ass holes working in them lol. Quote the idiot double, tell him to provide material and half down. WTF, might make some money. Or waste time posting to PM.
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    Probably the most unusual mystery tool from 1700s! What is it for?

    Judging from some of the comments here and elsewhere, it's clearly an asshole detector. Works well.
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    WTB Pratt & Whitney Model C Lathe

    If I already had a P&W your solution would be a possibility. But looking for one from scratch.... bearings are still unobtainium imo. Not to mention you would have entered need a lathe to repair a lathe waters.
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    OT, somewhat. Who else is currently under rolling blackouts?

    WTF is on first? We got a Polish firing squad going on here.
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    OT, somewhat. Who else is currently under rolling blackouts?

    I been called a lot of things, but never a Trumper.