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  1. Bart.Howard

    2.5" x 12" Brass Round Bar

    if this is still available, I will purchase it. please send payment info, thanks
  2. Bart.Howard

    2 step Motor pulley size

    these are the measurements that are on mine 1940 vintage, there are some on ebay, but they as always are proud of them. but if you dont have the means to make your own....
  3. Bart.Howard

    South Bend 9a upgrade question

    When you are asking about upgrades? is this for the lathe itself, or for accessories to go with it? When I purchaced mine a few years back, it came with a 4C collet speed chuck. Which is nice. I have since adapted a dividing head set up, that can be attached to the spindle, among other things...
  4. Bart.Howard

    Extra Parts from my 1952 9A Available

    thank you for the follower rest. it arrived in great condition.
  5. Bart.Howard

    Need lathe dogs - which ones?

    a while back I needed a 2" lathe dog. Ended up making one out of a 2" nut, and welded a 1/2" round stock on the side. one other mod that I have done is put brass inserts on the screws so the threads or what ever I have placed in the dog will not get marked up.
  6. Bart.Howard

    Looking for parts

    Also any help with an indexing plate. (Universal, custom built) looking for something I can bolt on possibly. I see that you are looking for an indexing plate, all I can say is look at the Utube videos, and see what others have done, then you will have to find something and adapt it to what...
  7. Bart.Howard

    Use of 3/4" MT Collet on SB-9

    there are a couple of options. If you really want a collet chuck that will hold a 3/4 round stock. I do have a 4c collet speed chuck for my south bend 9A and I love it. it goes up to 3/4" collets. but I never have seen an other one like it. but you can get a BOSTAR 5C Collet Lathe Chuck Closer...
  8. Bart.Howard

    Replacement belt - new to machine question

    sounds like you are where I was a couple of years ago. There are a couple of good Utube videos out there, that can help you understand how to take the spindles off, and install an automotive serpentine belt, and while you are at it you can inspect the spindle felts, and see if they need...
  9. Bart.Howard

    FS: Ultem 1000 PEI 1.75 rod

    I would be interested, in at least 10 or a box. let me know how much to ship to Alaska 99686, and I will get you paid tonight when I get home.
  10. Bart.Howard

    What have you made FOR your South Bend?

    I finally finished up this project. turned out a plunge pin for the 24 detent holes on the gear, with a notch. so it can be disengaged when using the indexer. then made a mounting bracket connected to the cabinet. the final straw to get this done was when I attempted to drill 3 holes in a dust...
  11. Bart.Howard

    1/4" carbide endmills still $1

    thank you, my second small shipment came today. you have been very generous. wish you good luck in all your endeavors.
  12. Bart.Howard

    1/4" carbide endmills still $1

    Just sent you 35.00 via paypal. looks like a great deal thanks. Bart
  13. Bart.Howard

    What have you made FOR your South Bend?

    Dividing head attachment for my #9 Last winter, I ended up with just few paper weights, while attempting to index, on the lathe. I have been looking at many different ideas, & designs, I really like the post last month, with the dividing head mounted on the front gear. It gave me a few things...
  14. Bart.Howard

    Mystery Black Powder Rifle

    thanks, I have been looking at the Mowry and Allen & Thurber models, they are close, but all the pictures I come across, the plate that covers the action is of a different design, and none have the action opened up to see how they are assembled. I do like how the ramrod tube and part that holds...
  15. Bart.Howard

    Mystery Black Powder Rifle

    here are some more pictures
  16. Bart.Howard

    Mystery Black Powder Rifle

    A friend purchased a older smooth bore black powder rifle a while back, it has no markings or stamp on the gun. I have posted it on some black powder forums. some said it might have been made around the 1850's. the question I have about this rifle, is about the action. in all the searching I...
  17. Bart.Howard

    9" South Bend Cross Feed Screw

    how would one contact you to purchase one of these acme repair blanks?