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    Advice on annular cutter for 3" hole please

    Carbide annular cutters are well worth their cost. As long as you don't have interrupted cuts they work quite well, even with interrupted cuts they work better than HSS. I've drilled many a holes in A572 plate with them. Odd how the HSS costs more though, but the Hougen brand should be good. Not...
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    Looking for 21071 Eutectic bronze powder or a replacement

    I really should look into what it would take to be a distributor for them. I think it could be a decent addition to the business to be a distributor as well an an end user.
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    Looking for 21071 Eutectic bronze powder or a replacement

    That's pretty cheap. I think the last time I had a 3.3lb bottle quoted it came in around $600 from both welding supply stores. That is my lamentation about the Eutectic products is it is hard to find suppliers for it. Nobody seems to deal with it regularly enough to be a decent supplier. Even...
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    How much has cold calling / knocking on doors improved your sales?

    I actually think you would do better cold calling or showing up and dropping off a card or something of the like. Having had experience at a large company in a position I now try to market to, I would usually get around 4-6 emails daily from different shops around the states trying to drum up...
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    What Supplier Nonsense are You Dealing With Today?

    Todays fun has revolved around tolerances. Why do vendors upsell more what they can actually hit? Ask a vendor what their laser table can realistically hold on 1/4" steel plate dimensionally on the average day with an average operator. I get 0.002" as a response. Problem is, I worked a lot with...
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    Felt Seal for Lathe Input Shaft

    But the hole at the bottom has me stumped. There is no oil return for anything, there is a plate that fits over the outside of the bushing to retain the bushing but that is all. The hole lines up so it seeps out between the headstock casting and the plate, which is fine so long as it's not the...
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    Felt Seal for Lathe Input Shaft

    Question for the group who have worked on more old iron than I. So I have a old Carroll Jamieson lathe. 40's era ballpark, and the input shaft ends up leaking quite a bit of oil during normal operation. Upon investigation and disassembly the main shaft bushing was rotated 180 degrees. Pictures...
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    Dake Model 00 Plate Dimensions

    Thank you! Still haven't finished my plate but this will be quite helpful for me when I do. Want to keep it as factory as I could.
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    advice on late jobs

    Speaking as the customer here for this one, as I have been in the situation many a times. #1 is let the customer know as soon as you know it has a chance of being late, or will be late. Having been on the receiving end, I can usually work something out if I know a week to a few days in advance...
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    Might catch some flack for this but it seems like a decent machine for a specific market segment. Is it everything that the big players have on their machines, probably not, but I can see the market strategy to get in where nobody else really seems to compete. Not everyone wants to deal with a...
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    FS-Mill/Lathe Tooling

    Good to hear it arrived in good shape.
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    Best Abrasives? Flap Discs, Cut off Wheels, Grinding Wheels?

    Another vote for Walter abrasives. I'll be the first to say they are spendy, but do they ever last so much longer than the others. Worked at a shop that thought that Radnor was the way to go...it works yes, but they went through many more times the abrasives. Used a lot of flap wheels for...
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    Fighting back against big company requirements

    I freaking hate all the transaction charges. Recently had to ship a few items. Fuel surcharge, residential delivery fee, this and that fee. Misc. fees ended up being more than the original postage. All for some really small packages! Hadn't shipped much for about 6 months. It was a bit of a...
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    What processes would you offer as a shop starting over?

    It seems like there is a lot of room for improvement with finishing operations. I've dealt with powder coating quite a bit and it seems to be quite uncontrolled also with most shops. Light some times, orange-peel another... It amazes me with the amount of marginal finishing shops how they still...
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    Fighting back against big company requirements

    If they really want to work with you they'll figure out a way. Having also been on the corporate side of it, it can all be "overlooked" if the right person gets involved. As the business owner, I too would also pass on the work considering the effort on your end to deal with the paperwork and...
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    Is there a good alternative to McMaster Carr?

    Gosh that's a tough one to replace. Some of the online metals dealers used to be pretty competitive. Now McMaster ended up being my go to for a lot of small one off parts/material not only due to lead time but cost too. I have used Coremark Metals a fair bit for metals, but you're not getting a...
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    What processes would you offer as a shop starting over?

    Little different spin on some of the other threads about "starting again". If the opportunity arose to start new, what types of services would you look to offer? I'm thinking specifics like centerless grinding, gear hobbing, 48" dia + turning jobs, spray metalizing, relatively specialized work...
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    FS-Mill/Lathe Tooling

    Doing some 5s in the shop this week and trying to clean up some problem areas. Came up with some tooling that I figured I would see if anyone had in interest in. I hate to scrap some of the stuff if someone can use it. Prices all include shipping except for the Aloris toolpost/holders (as don't...
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    Mill Spindle Bearings Tolerance Class Needed

    Thank you for the recommendations on some local companies. I'll have to give them a call and see what they think. They obviously have more knowledge about bearings than I ever could have, and what would be a good option for my usage.