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    How to power small off grid three phase machines?

    We have both- a spare 60 gallon propane tank and a hundred gallons of of fuel oil. Nice thing about fuel oil- and I am presuming a diesel gen-set will run on home heating oil- is it does not take a special delivery truck to fill.
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    How to power small off grid three phase machines?

    That looks like a pretty good option. Can 240v three phase be run off 208V? Do you know if both single and three phase power can be run at once?
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    How to power small off grid three phase machines?

    We have a 3 phase 3hp lathe and 2hp mill. They do not run at the same time. Right now they are powered through a 10hp RPC. on grid power. We are at the very end of a dead end with sketchy reliability when the wind blows hard. Every time it goes out I wonder if it is ever coming back on.... What...
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    SWJCR 8-01 toolholder and 20 inserts

    Looks like the inserts are all left hand?
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    Re-conditioning a big European shaper-spindle molder

    Did not replace the bearings, just used Kublers recommendation and forced the old grease out. Or think I did, can't tell without pulling the spindle apart. Anyway, it runs smooth.
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    Re-conditioning a big European shaper-spindle molder

    Finally took the time to make this EMA my main profiling shaper with outfeed and infeed rests- takes two 4 1/2" x 2" carbide insert heads, stacked on the spindle. And man does it cut smooth. Way way better than the Felder they were on previously. And also used the oddball feature, where the...
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    Can a rough running RPC cause the three phase machine to run rough?

    We have an older RPC (20 years)and the bearings are needing to be replaced. The machine this powers seems to be vibrating more than it used to. (7.5hp wood shaper). Can this be the RPC? I can't find any obvious bad belt or bearing in the shaper.
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    Can a fuse degrade over time?

    Thinking about it, the shaper did not always start exactly the same. Sometimes it just instantly started up, and sometimes it would chatter just for a fraction of a second while starting. I have not tried but once since replacing the fuses.
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    Can a fuse degrade over time?

    OK- you guys are freaking well of knowledge! Thanks! I will assume that the fuse was likely degraded over time and use, and replace the other two with new ones also.
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    Can a fuse degrade over time?

    I am running a 9hp three phase shaper and just blew a fuse on startup- there is a disconnect switch with three 30 amp time delay fuses. Probably 30 years old. There was no apparent difference between starting it this time and any time before. Stuck in a new fuse and it works fine. Just...
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    Well crap - I am ordering a SawStop tomorrow. (Mildly graphic pictures)

    I paid full price for mine from my wood supplier, but they did stick it on a truck with tailgate and drop it off for free.
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    Pratt and Whitney

    Hearing the stories from guys like Joe are just an amazing educational experience!
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    Novice needs advice on basic drawing and cutlist software.

    I need something stupid easy- really. I want to draw a 3-0 6-8 door, draw the stiles and rails, have a preset mortise depth added to the rail length, and be able to have a cutlist from that. Or a 36 1/2" door by 81" , and have a cutlist. Most of the programs are so far over what I need it...
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    Novice needs advice on basic drawing and cutlist software.

    You have been here long enough to know there is some truth in that.......:D
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    Novice needs advice on basic drawing and cutlist software.

    We make custom doors, with fine wood mullions. Tiny shop, but well tooled for what we do. We need a basic CAD program- one that will allow us to draw a door, and generate a cut list. There will be some constants, like the depth of a mortise, and some variables, like door size and mullion...
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    I have have the same unit on the lathe- periodically it will have display issues, or refuse to accept an input. The fix is is to pull out the ribbon cables and clean the contacts with electrical contact cleaner, and plug and pull the ribbon a few times to get any oxidization off the connectors.
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    I just posted the Acra Turn 13" 4TPI leadscrew threading and feed charts here. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/new-to-me-lathe-help.414545/
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    New to me Lathe, HELP

    Here are the threading and feed charts. Note these are for a 4 tpi leadscrew- the lathe was made in several leadscrew pitches, it would be wise to check what you have.
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    Securing mill to trailer deck- what sort of straps?

    To bind a mill or any other equipment to a trailer or truck deck , assuming of course there are good tie down rings- Obviously something has to secure it down, and there needs to be something to keep it from tipping, and something to keep it from sliding- Chains seem like a good way to...