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    Mitsubish MV2400s EDM SERVO ALARM Reoccurring

    Man, I've just recently got on the Mits support team connected with the purchase arrangement of this MV1200. It was slightly used but I had a bad bellows day 1 with my newer used MV1200 and it was known. I'm seeing this thread explode. Lol, they'd get that flaw in design and this one is horre...
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    Mitsubish MV2400s EDM SERVO ALARM Reoccurring

    I believe it is your lower control arm bellows. At least, that's what mine has done and I am trying to find 5k to fix it.
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    Mits MV 1200 servo alarm /bellows repair

    I've been fighting a recurring servo alarm that would usually occur without any visible reason and usually in the extreme travels of Y - . It also leaks but appears to be a newer fabric so it may be a replaced part that wasn't done correctly. I have received a quote for nearly 5k to fix it and...
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    Mazatrol 640 nexus lathe question

    Thanks for everyone's time to help me with this. I found the issue and it was another employee trying to dominate and control things in this goofy shop I am working at presently. It was a priority setting in the layout page that had purposely been placed in there. I'm not a,mazak guy but that...
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    Mazatrol 640 nexus lathe question

    It has been 15years since I've used a Mazatrol lathe. I was helping a dept out by running some basic IDs in tubes, nothing major. All day Friday, ran great. Come in Sat and th program has stops and repeats. I copied it so I could edit the copy: copy wouldn run. It alarmed something : " layout...
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    Mits Mv1200. How to set pickup parameters?

    Could someone tell me how to change the pickup parameters for a hole from say .0001 to .001 ? I need to change these as needed and I cannot seem to find how to do it. Thanks
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    Mits MV1200 Battery replacement

    Thank you. Once the machine sat overnight, it powered up as normal. I have never had to handle that problem in nearly 30 years so it had me bobbled. Thank you for your time and response
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    Mits MV1200 Battery replacement

    Ok, the factory lost power today and it has ruined my day absolutely. I called Mits when I couldn't get the ready on button to power up and it turned out I had some old batteries. I had to go some distance for new batteries but reinstalled them and now what ? Mits Tech support help is gone for...
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    Buying new WEDM. Opinions needed!

    Yea I disagree. After nearly thirty years and maybe 30 Mits wedms, Mitsubishi feeders are the absolute worst on the market, hands down, maintained or not. Usually, it's some 23 year old kid working for Mits trying to sell a maintenance visit and they do work better if your willing to spend the...
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    Buying new WEDM. Opinions needed!

    Just my opinion but I've used Mitsubishi Machines since the .I'd 90s. Before NAFTA destroyed the trade, we used them for tool and die builds. Later we all transitioned to medical. Here in North Alabama, Mitsubishi has 90% of the business because the controls are extremely well thought out and...
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    Help with WEDM trashy casting material

    I have an important run of several hundred parts that get a .05 slot thru them. The WEDM is the best way to go but this material has something in it. Wire breaking and contacting out. Are there any settings I can use to get this done? Tolerances are wide open so that isnt an issue
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    Mitsubishi MV Series Quirks, Tips and Tricks

    Thank you so freaking much. The ( AXIS CAN NOT MOVE) thing has made me pull out my hair. i have years on the old school non subs like a 90c and many a 110s but this one does some goofy stuff. I didn't know it was water related. The company I work for is really goofy on ordering the consumables...
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    25 years of sucky Mits wire feeders is about enough on

    I have had very limited experience with Agie and a Taiwanese made machine that had an Agie patented feed system on it. It took seconds and it was nearly 100 percent. If it missed, it would cut and re feed within seconds and complete the feed the second go round. Of course, their style of guiding...
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    25 years of sucky Mits wire feeders is about enough on

    I've cleaned and cleaned and changed wear items and aligned and this and that since the late nineties on these Mits wedm machines. I'm gonna b bold here and publicly state Mitsubishi has the absolute worst WEDM feeder on the market and they have had the worst feeder since I've been in the trade...
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    I think your wire tension settings may be too high for the roller bearings in your feed rollers. Once they go bad or start rolling with resistance and or stops and starts any real wire tension will cause the wire to pop easily. I'm not gonna BS and say I know more possibilities the carbide...
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    Mits MV1200 will not Auto Off. Why?

    I have learned that my filters seem to have better overall life when I cut the pumps off overnight, when I am not running PM shifts, For some reason, my auto pump off settings on switch screen will not work, no matter what settings I set for it. I have been able to use the auto power off...
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    Wire EDM feeds sugestions

    16 hours with one shot. If skims needed, that adds depending on tolerance needed
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    When is most reasonable point to exchange filters?

    I've got a Mits MV1200 and I've noticed if my filters stay wet overnight with lights out running or leaving pumps on overnight, I am gauging in the red after 100- 125 hours, depending on how much Aluminium I burn. When I turn the machine pumps off overnight and allow filters to dry, the gauge...
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    Wedm Mits MV1200 Wire Breaking issue

    Thank you. I was able to limp through it. The parts had some remnant of an oxide plating and it blocked conductivity. Thanks for assistance.