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    Looking for a source for 1 1/4' flat belt for cutter grinder

    This is what we use on our grinders https://www.mcmaster.com/flat-belts/made-to-order-flat-belts/ No splices .03 thick = no vibration You will have to cut the with we do it its easy.
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    New LeBlond or Clausing?

    Calusing is not the same as it was years ago. They were made in England years ago now I think there made in some where else. I have a 1998 clausing cnc lathe made in England very nice machine . I was in Travlers tool last year in the showroom I saw a 13 x 40 clausing for $13000 from 10 feet away...
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    What insert does this use?

    I remember that cutter saw one 35 years ago they use frustum inserts not sure of the size. https://www.ebay.com/itm/322051900465 https://www.ebay.com/itm/334380743603?hash=item4ddaa53bb3:g:624AAOSwcjhiP9NX
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    Once again, current aluminum prices?

    I bought 500lbs 6061 yesterday 4.68 a pound.
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    Troubleshooting error on my Sharp SV-2412

    I have a 2412 also I also get that alarm if I turn on the power to the machine before my phase converter gets to full rpm. You have a single phase error on all 3 axis that seems to be an incoming power problem. I think one of your incoming phases is off or to much voltage or to low voltage ...
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    Kalamazoo 7A Horizontal Bandsaw Help

    I have a 7a you can buy a spring here $96 Quality Aftermarket Band Saw Parts and Accessories Ant 3 step pully will work I know mine are not original. Good little saw
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    2005 SHARP SV-2412 the Y axis has a 1.920" offset position

    Your machine does not have absolute encoders that strange mine is the same year as yours. don't do the encoder reset i sent you. call sharp and talk to them. If it doesn't have absolute encoders why doses it stop before it hits the limit switch. Please let us know what they say
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    2005 SHARP SV-2412 the Y axis has a 1.920" offset position

    First make sure your machine has absolute encoders Open the cabinet door and the main control about a foot square in the middle of it is a battery box about 3 inches square. If it has this the machine has absolute encoders. On my machine 1815 bits 4 and 5 are 1 on all axis Check the...
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    2005 SHARP SV-2412 the Y axis has a 1.920" offset position

    I have a 2005 2412 the machine has absolute encoders and limit switches. you need to do a reference point setting. Open the left door look at the lower saddle and you will see a bracket with a red arrow on it Line the arrow up with the other arrow under it. This is where home is. Now do a...
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    Clausing/Colchester Storm 100 Duplomatic turret problem

    I have a storm 80 and had the same problem. This may be your problem not sure. I found that the seal around the turret had swelled up and slowed the turret down and it gave me the same alarm. To check it this is the problem unclamp the turret and cut the machine off you should be able to turn...
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    3 phase motor runs slow.

    Is the motor wired for 440 volts
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    Windows 98 files to Fanuc O-M

    Your computer is sending the program to the control to fast . There should be a setting to slow it down a few mills seconds per block of code.
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    Band Saw Blade pricing.......have I been asleep or are these people too high?

    Metal Cutting, Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades, Saws & More the have your size matrix m42 blade for $26
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    What Biocides can be used for coolant tanks of CNC machines

    Grotan Metal-Working Bactericide - Buy Grotan Online
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    Home made coolant mist system

    Coolant Mister System Lubrication Spray for Engraving Cooling Sprayer Machine | eBay
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    KO Lee S618HG: Resealing Hyd Cylinders

    Those orings are standard sizes. So I would Guess every thing else is standard. McMaster-Carr McMaster-Carr
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    Matsuura HMC rigidity/vibration issues

    Are all the leveling feet touching the floor.
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    Flatness problems on 6061-T6 aluminum

    I would buy the stock from TCI metals they double disk grind the stock and guarantee .001 flatness. I bought 12 aluminum plates 6061, 16 inches square .5 thick I put them on my surface plate and they were within .0003 flat. The part may warp after you machine it but is nice to start with a...
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    Sharp SV2412 Gib adjustment order for Z axis

    I have 2005 model 2412 my manual says lossen the locking screw tighten the gib screw until it stops then unscrew it one turn and the tighten lock screw.
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    O.T. Hearing aids

    Go to Costco money back if not satisficed. If you lose one free replacement best deal around. I like mine they cost $1400.