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    WTB Cincinnati Toolmaster x-axis Power Feed Parts

    Lovely old girl, I have both a 1D and a HV model with slotting head. I have one surplus powerfeed box but I'm in australia. likewise I know of a fellow north of me who is doing the same as I am planning and building a lighter duty power feed as they're much to heavy for long table mills. I would...
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    TOS vertical slotter rebuild

    The short slides have an interesting oil groove design so that the oil that travels upwards on the upstroke is screeted off into captive grooves on the down stroke. a great system until that animal added dimples to the ram with a die grinder. I'll be copying the oil grooves onto the new gib and...
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    TOS vertical slotter rebuild

    Taken on a very abused TOS ST250 vertical slotter as a project, the ram had at worse 28 deep galling and on both sides some animal attacked it with a die grinder putting 10-15 thou deep dimples which caused it to be completely unable to retain oil. Milled it in sections on my toolmaster and have...
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    Forte F250 Bandsaw good/bad?

    I realize this is an ancient thread but I've got myself a Forte 250 bandsaw and the two speed motors been replaced with a very under powered single speed motor that readily bogs down. could anyone take a picture of the plate off the original motor so I know what RPM range/horsepower to look for...
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    Looking for tips- breaking 2 tenths/foot

    I'm currently using a 200mm x 800mm granite spotting plate in conjunction with a 0.02mm/meter level to tweak a reference surface and I made the foul error of setting this column with the three point cradle directly over a crack in my slab. Yesterday I managed to nail the corner to corner twist...
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    Toolomaster H-V spindle bearings

    I am almost 100% sure this is the quote I had for new bearings for the 1D head on my Toolmaster, I am also chasing a spare 1D vertical head as my HV toolmaster never came optioned with one. FYI for any australians reading this, the 1D toolmaster spindles require a #9 axial locknut socket to...
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    absolute scraping beginner - some advice need re chatter and scratches

    no offense to PDW who cast that straight edge but the straight edge is one of his early ones and appears to also be ductile iron not grey. Andre brought the same straight edge to the meetup and gave up scraping it in lieu of a camelback he brought which was double the length but was a breeze to...
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    Peening the Underside of a Milling Machine Table.

    I got taylor to take a few photos as we went, will have him email them and then I can post. he made himself a punch out of a bit of roughly 3/4" 4140 with a domed end and heat treated the end. we marked out the length of the table at roughly 1" spacing and I held the punch while taylor let...
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    Peening the Underside of a Milling Machine Table.

    russell took about 20 thou off the underside and skimmed the top face which roughly halved the bow. not thinking about the awfully thin cross section in the middle I peened it to straighten it further which worked well longitudinally but over corrected the top face concave along its width. the...
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    absolute scraping beginner - some advice need re chatter and scratches

    Looks like your test piece is ductile iron not grey which is a real pita to scrape, also I recognize that scraper! Ralph brought that up to to the goldcoast when he came to visit some time back. personally I prefer the mushroom pattern handles, great for roughing off the palm or the shoulder...
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    Paint/Grime Removal Advice

    I found about G101 from one of the guys in our local machine rebuilding group earlier this year and its been life changing, when used straight or 50/50 cut with water it melts away hardened grease and grime with ease without effecting the original paint unless that paint has already oxidized and...
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    Peening the Underside of a Milling Machine Table.

    here is the Link meant to send, he's accidentally sent the file location on his computer http://464zwc173g4e34of4m82crnq.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/MIC_Green_Book_9th_Edition.pdf
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    Peening the Underside of a Milling Machine Table.

    I know this thread is more or less finished up but I thought I might as well add this for posterity's sake. The first photo is a 1947 #2 Cincinnati table that is about 53” long from the Birmingham factory. It has 0.7mm bow, (my tenths indicator ran out of travel so I grabbed a metric dial. it...
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    Pull scraper angles?

    I have very little experience pull scraping and don't have anything of real substance to add, The only Pull scrapers I own are forged from what I would guess to be O1 tool steel or something similar and even after touching them up with the accufinish I never had a lot of a luck with them. I have...
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    Newb Question About Reverse Spotting with Surface Plates

    I would also highly recommend attending a Richard king classes while he is still teaching, as to a surface plate it's not a bad idea to go larger than what you currently need if you can afford it/have the room. I bought a 2000mm x 1000mm plate a few years back which was excessively large to my...
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    Newb Question About Reverse Spotting with Surface Plates

    I personally prefer granite for spotting plates and have verified my prints and alignment with both scraped camel backs, precision levels and opposing corner to corner measurements with a known parallel to check for twist as well. unlike its it conventional orientation the master is supported...
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    Vertical Mill Column Dovetail Clearance

    I hate to bring this up after you've likely reassembled the mill but its generally considered best practice to relieve the middle 30% of any short slide, this being done for a few reasons, it allows that axis to positively lock without rocking even after the mill begins to wear, basically a...
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    cincinnati toolmaster rebuild

    yeah its an amazing resource, lot of brilliant machinists and mechanical engineers. I've rebuilt the top end of vertical head but the spindle arrangement of these 1D mills is quite different from a standard bridgeport clone. internal fine spline and the spindle is retained by both the dust cap...
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    cincinnati toolmaster rebuild

    it's been a while since I've been on here but attached is a Few pictures of my recent Toolmaster project. I thought I'd post them here for anyone thinking of scraping in theirs as I found some interesting techniques along the way. The granite parallel was lent to me by one of the guys in our...
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    Babbit bearing issue

    This is shamefully embarrassing phil but I don't have autodesk inventor installed on this computer so I've had to use microsoft paint. this was what I was trying to convey as a method to reduce the clearances before scraping