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    Machining Inconel 625 with ceramics and carbide

    took a while to everything dialed in, but its finally running good. wound up skipping the ceramic, the roughing is not taking a huge amount of time compared to other things. wound up using a sandvik carbide reamer with thru coolant for the bore. leaves a perfect finish if i run it slow. tool...
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    Machining Tips in a turning center

    are you serious? how does one learn? not everyone already knows everything like you do ;)
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    Machining Inconel 625 with ceramics and carbide

    I have an upcoming job for some mill-turn parts from inconel 625. I ordered some ceramic turning inserts from kennametal. some CN and VN coated insets and some groover inserts. any info, rules of thumb, tips, feeds and speeds etc for machining with these inserts would be greatly appreciated...