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    Champion Blower and Forge 21" Drill Press

    I think we got him all fixed up with a nice new NYLON back gear! It has steel pins for reinforcement running the thickness of the gear (the small holes shown). I make lots of gears for the old lathes and milling machines and this should work nicely. Anyone else need one hit me up.
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    Blue Biax 4EB question, how to remove the motor

    I got a response via email from a gentlemen who said that there is a screw ring around the outside that needs to be removed. I will come up with some way to remove that and hopefully be back in business. I will try to post some pictures once removed for others.
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    Blue Biax 4EB question, how to remove the motor

    Hello everyone out there. I just bought a Biax 4EB scraper and want to replace the power cord on it. I have disassembled it as far as I can but cannot seem to get the last section apart so that i can remove the motor plastic covering and attach a new power cord. Anyone have any advise or...