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    Helix angle math question

    I looked through my machinist' handbook and couldn't find what Im after. How would you describe a helix angle if you know the circumference of the part and how many thousandths advance per degree of rotation? Is there a formula? Thank you
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    OT: Buying from an auto dealer - sticker price?

    First I'll admit I did not read the whole thread. I am a career service tech, worked in GM dealers since I was 17. At my 6th dealer in my 3rd state. So far I have never worked somewhere that would allow an employee to screw you. I have worked with dishonest people, but if they got caught it...
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    Clear case of sabatoge

    I have worked in a lot of shops. I have worked with disgruntled employees and even been one myself. There is no excuse for sabotage or destroying property. But as an owner you should be involved enough to know if an employee has a grudge. If its legit find a way to fix the situation, if its...
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    Looking for a universal dividing head.

    I need a dividing head. Must be universal. The more accessories the better. It going on a Bridgeport. Let me know what you have. Thanks Alex
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    Dividing head question

    I am in the market for a dividing head for my J-head. I want to set it up with a gear train for helical milling. I have been surfing ebay but none of the dividing heads have any gears. What do I need to look for so I dont end up with something that wont do what I want. Thanks Alex
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    US made inserts?

    I am not...
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    US made inserts?

    Good enough. You try and keep your money here but its getting almost impossible. I am ok with most, just not China. Thanks
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    US made inserts?

    I know this is old news to most of you, but I recently got a Kennametal box with made in China on it. My others dont say that. I did a little research and it seems like there may not be any one left here? I use some tool flo stuff for threading and like it. What are my options for US made...
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    Need some phase converter help.

    I had just expected to see 120 on each leg. But if that is normal, great.
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    Need some phase converter help.

    Sorry guys, heres a link to the schematic I used. Phase Converter Kit Diagram I measured between the legs, and get 240-250 VAC, When I go from ground to each leg, L1,L2 are 120vac and L3 is 220 vac.
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    Need some phase converter help.

    I built a rotary converter with some parts and schematic I picked up from a friend. I do not know much about AC voltage. On my 3 legs I get, 120, 120, and 220 volts. I have to run capacitors, PRC 50. I took one out and my voltage dropped to 200. I looked up the PRC50 and its for 370-440...
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    Aluminum surface hardening treatment or coating.

    Yes, but it really wont reduce the friction like I would like. Anodize would be ideal, but the parts have steel inserts that cant be removed
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    Aluminum surface hardening treatment or coating.

    I am looking for a treatment or coating that can be used on aluminum to increase the surface hardness and reduce friction. The parts can not be anodized. Thanks
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    Good books on setups?

    I have seen some very ingenious setups for work holding in the mill. I was just wondering if there are any good books on the subject to see if I could learn a few new tricks.
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    Carbide insert for low speed threading.

    The 416 is 28-29 rc. I went ahead and ordered a threading tool from Arthur Warner to try. I do get a better finish if I run the speed up to 400 rpm, but the fastest I am comfortable threading to a shoulder is about 250. I am using a coated cp500 grade from Seco. Kennametal recommended their...
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    Carbide insert for low speed threading.

    I am using a 16ER 18UN insert for threading 416 SS. I am getting a good finish but not a great finish. I just cant run fast enough for the style inserts I have. Anyone know a grade suited for a manual machine? Like 70 sfpm. I do have HSS and know how to grind, but I like the convenience of...
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    Gear cutter help

    Thanks, I ASSumed because of the age it was a standard gear. Alex
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    Gear cutter help

    I have a gear I need to duplicate. It is 2.010" OD 32 teeth, and 20PA. I am looking for a 17dp #4 cutter but cant find one. Am I looking for the correct cutter? This is an old gear, not metric. Thanks
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    Need a dividing head

    I need a dividing head for my Bridgeport. I have to do some helical milling, so I need the kind with the gear train to the x axis. I have been watching Ebay without much luck for a good quality unit. I keep seeing this unit with full gears set...