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  1. Murf

    Hardinge HLV-H Coolant Pump/Motor

    Looks more like straight knurling for a “press” fit in plastic impeller… Murf
  2. Murf

    Boring bar bushings

    https://exacttooling.com/pages/lathe-toolholder-bushings Murf
  3. Murf

    Delrin, brass, or bronze for a pipe fitting with a hole for an interference fit?

    You sure you want a metal male fitting being threaded into a plastic female fitting??? I have seen too many failures of the female side in this situation, both hot and cold environments… Murf
  4. Murf

    Source of small cabinet for grinder, similar to this (photo) ?

    Try this! https://www.b2bsupplies.com/p/cuttermasters-tool-grinder-cabinet-base-cm-10s Murf
  5. Murf

    ME Threadpal is amazing!

    For UN and Metric threads, internal and external, I have been using a phone app called “UN Metric Threads Calculator”. Damn simple for straight 60deg. threads. There are only four entries: Internal or external Decimal size TPI Class (1,2or3) I have no affiliation at all just a user! Murf
  6. Murf

    Linear Bearing or Bushing ( HELP)!!! NO

    A picture is worth a thousand words… Murf
  7. Murf

    Moving a TUDA TudorMax 23x118 lathe

    I see one in the pics… Murf
  8. Murf

    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    Common sense would of compelled him to call that wrecker to haul first when it was still in one piece… Murf
  9. Murf

    Long shaft turning

    Personally, I would lightly face and center drill with the 6-7” sticking out and not reposition it. If you are still getting taper, check your tailstock alignment etc. Cause could be any number of things! Murf
  10. Murf

    Clausing Colchester 15 - Good deal?

    I just powered up the same lathe (15x50) last year and I went with a 15hp RPC and I have no complaints. YMMV Murf
  11. Murf

    Can someone recommend a reasonable carbide shank laydown threader for 16IR inserts?

    These people are in Texas. No affiliation and never used their tools. https://toolsaverinc.com/ Murf
  12. Murf

    Man, is this new spamming asshole ever annoying.

    With “AI” everywhere, it’s going to get worse before it gets better…. I am guessing it’s part of their arsenal by now!
  13. Murf

    Grade of Stainless for Hinge Pins

    Are you sure you want the hinges to wear prior to the pins (cheaper and more easily replaced)? Murf
  14. Murf

    Solder Wire Connectors

    Yes sir, carefully! Murf
  15. Murf

    alloy for drill bit bushings (guides) .........

    Yup that’s the stuff! Murf
  16. Murf

    Converting Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe to Single Phase

    I’d go with option 3, which is a (RPC) rotary phase converter. This is the route I took last year to power my 15x50 which has the same 5.5kw motor. Murf
  17. Murf

    MSC no longer selling broken packs of inserts?

    I order singles from MSC thru fleabay, one insert at a time with free shipping. Murf
  18. Murf

    Lil OT: Air vs Cordless impact gun

    I purchased a 3/4” Milwaukee last year for replacing the cutting edges on the grader and such! I would never go back to air, just saying… Murf
  19. Murf

    Clausing Colchester model question for manuals

    I picked up a 15”x50” a couple of years ago and Clausing sent me a manual via email that I could forward to you. Mine is mid 80’s according to them! My serial number is: LTR50GIREV/37538 Murf