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    OT Voith-Schneider tugboats.

    Pretty cool engineering, technology. Voith Water Tractor Movie (en) - YouTube
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    Good material choice for B52 collets

    Because of the crazy lead time and costs for the collets (B52) we use on our tube bender, the choice was made to make our own. What we now have are Rc33, so we would like to make the collets out of a material with comparable hardness. What would be a good choice of material for this project? I...
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    NLX part ejection out of the back of the subspindle

    Is it possible to eject finished parts out of the back of the spindle? If so, how does it work?
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    Machine window washers. Have you ran a machine with them? Thoughts?

    We are putting together the specifications on a new Mori lathe and I am wondering if those porthole looking window washers work well. We do several set ups a day and it's always nice to see what's going on. If you have experience with them, let me know what you think. I did see this thing that...
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    ATS Ultimate Chuck chip cover

    We are doing chucking work using an ATS Ultimate chuck and are looking for a chip cover for it. Most hydraulic chuck makers sell a bolt on chip cover for their models. ATS apparently does not. Using a spindle liner when bar feeding prevents chips from entering into the guts of the chuck. We made...
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    Walter tools. Made in China, not Germany

    We just gat a $700 face mill in this morning. There was a little, teeny weeny sticker on it that said "Made in China" WTF? We will not be buying any more of this Chinese/German crap. Call me crazy, but that is bullshit.
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    SQT 15 spindle rebuild cost

    Anybody got a handle on about what a 1993 SQT 15 main and sub spindle rebuild runs?
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    O.T. Sunken U.S. WW II desroyer wreckage found

    The Johnston, a destroyer that attacked a Japanese armada with almost no chance of survival was recently located in deep water off the coast of Leyte. Hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, Commander Ernest Evans and his crew, attacking with torpedoes blew the bow off of the heavy cruiser Kumano...
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    Anayak vertical mill-machine sp ecific question

    This is a machine specific issue. If you have a working knowledge of this machine, I would appreciate your help. FBZ V 300 is the model Does anyone out there have experience on this machine? Without getting too wordy, it is an atc issue, and I will give more details if you have hands on time...
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    Part count up alarm-Mori NZX F31iA control

    My part counter is working, but I cant figure out how to tell it to alarm out after a given number of parts. 2013 model
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    Loading rectangular parts using a gantry loader-Lathe work

    We have a couple of Mori NLX's with gantry loaders and have been loading/unloadimg rounds parts without problem. Now we want to process rectangular parts on the same equipment. The pallets on the carousel have three vertical guide rods within which the material is stacked one atop the other. The...
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    Capturing screen shots on Celos control

    I want to capture a screen shot to usb of my upper screen on a new Celos control. I thought it was shift F9. No joy. The book says click the icon (camera) . I see no icon
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    Aligning gantry load/unload hand Mori NLX

    We are working on loading and unloading a .625 diameter by 10 inches long work-piece and smacked our load/unload hand on the gantry. We cant find the procedure to realign it. Anybody know how?
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    Changing parameters on a new Mori Nlx Celos

    What is the procedure for changing parameter settings on this control. It is a one year old DMG Mori Nlx with a Mits controller. I cannot find it in the docs or searching this site.
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    Tsune cold saws- good? bad?

    We just got a Tsune cold saw delivered and set up. Damn thing is dirty fast and cuts very square and flat. So far. If you have used them, what has your experience been?
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    Questionable Haas service

    We had a Haas tech out today to fix a tool eye that they replaced a couple of months ago. He asked us how to calibrate it. Come on! The Mori and Mazak techs we see are top notch. Is this normal for Haas, or did we get the anomaly?
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    Renishaw probe got bumped. Can I recalibrate?

    Is this bad?:D
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    3 month delivery time on Capto tooling. WTF?

    We were told that it would take 3 months to get C-5 rotary Capto tools from Sandvik. Seems ridiculous. Anyone else having similar problems?
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    Hard jaws for small stock- Kitiigawa B 210

    I am looking for hard jaws for a Kitigawa B-210 that will hold 3/16 diameter round stock. Anyone?
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    Close call on the shop floor-Yikes!

    We had an extremely close call on the shop floor the other day. An operator reached into a horizontal mill to measure a part and made the near fatal mistake of leaving the spindle running. He was wearing a light jacket and t-shirt. A one inch end mill got a hold of his jacket. By the time he had...