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    Spare parts?

    I’m in desperat need of an spare part for a Robofil 390. The touch screen have got a scratch, so it is not working. It’s only the outher screen that is scratch, but the only solution so far, is a 5000$ new parts from AgieCharmilles. The machine works, but only with an mouse. Do anyone know...
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    EDM drilling in Carbide

    does anyone have experience with shooting holes in carbide, with water cooling? How important is the temperature of the water? I have been recommended 59 farenheit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AgieCharmilles V Makino wire EDM???

    My company are opgrading our Wire EDM dep. Today we have 3 robofil 300 + 1 robofil 390. Have it down to 2 machines. AgieCharmilles cut 3000 ore Makino U6 H.E.A.T. The U6 Is 1/2 the price the Cut 3000. Is it that much better?
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    Charmilles V Makino Wire EDM

    My company are loking for new