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    Multi sided ops with 3 axis machine. Can I make this any easier?

    For 13 years now I've been building injection molds with 3 axis vertical mills. When it comes to making inserts there is always multi sided work that needs to be done. We have always tackled it by doing the back work first, inserting taped and dowel holes where possible and then attaching a...
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    What's the better endmill for dynamic/HSM, square or corner rad?

    I've done a little bit of HSM, by no means an expert. When it comes to choosing an endmill style, what is preferred, a square tipped or corner radius tip? I've always been the guy that only cuts steel with a square tip if it's absolutely necessary. Thinking the corner rad will always hold up...
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    Greasy residue on newer HAAS way covers

    I have a March 2020 HAAS DM1 mill that from day one has always gotten a very light, greasy residue on the Y way covers. It comes on the movable covers that have the wipers and also the stationary cover that bolts to the table. I don't notice it on the X covers. I also have a 2016 VF3 and this...
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    Calculating cutter collision avoidance with MasterCam

    We are moving from Powermill to MasterCam 2021 and one of the larger gripes I have so far is trying to determine cutter length for sidewall avoidance without going through a lot of hassle. This is for 3D contour toolpaths where you are dealing with tapered/drafted walls where a pocket may be...
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    Lathe jobs - 2 parts QTY 1 each

    I'm trying to shop out these 2 parts for one of our customers because we just CNC mill here. Both are QTY 1 made from 6061. I can't figure out how to attach solid files so here are a couple screen shots. One is an auger screw measuring 2.81 diameter x 3.725 long with a .62 center diameter...