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    High feed mill

    they're strictly for roughing, lots of very shallow (.005" for endmills) passes, definitely don't want to try to finish with them. i think they really shine in harder materials. big advantages are you don't chip the square corner, and ultimately go through fewer tools, the high feed endmill will...
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    info on older haas vmc

    kinda what i was thinking. i was pretty gun shy about it
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    info on older haas vmc

    i found a '95 model vmc for a very reasonable price, however the seller knows nothing about it. it belonged to his rentors, they left it when they moved out. he sent me a pic of the serial tag, all it says under model is '3' im not familiar with older haas machines, or what vmc models they had...
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    Chevalier replacement parts

    I've got a 2000 chevalier falcon 1830mb tool room bed mill with the 5hp variable speed pulley drive and the head is starting to make some noise. I figured I'd get the parts so that I have them on hand for when it needs done but I called chevalier and the parts are discontinued. Anyone have a...
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    Variable speed drive question

    Thanks for the input fellas. I'll have to look into the options here and decide what to do when I have time to do it, which at this rate should be sometime in the next 10 years haha
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    Variable speed drive question

    I'm not trying to integrate it into the CNC control, so that simplifies things. I'm not familiar with these systems, what pot and VFD do I need for a 5 hp 240v 3 phase motor?
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    Variable speed drive question

    Hi, I've got an idea, not original by any means, but I have a chevalier 1830mb which is essentially a bed mill with a variable speed pulley 5hp Bridgeport head. I'm wondering about making the motor itself variable speed, and setting the belt to a position that it runs well, but have a dial...
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    First Month at New Shop!

    What part of DFW are you in? I've got a small shop in Kaufman
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    Looking for onsite training with Anilam 3000 control (RI)

    I'm nowhere near there geographically, but do you have the manuals? When I bought my 3300 the seller emailed them to me as a pdf file. I may be able to send them to you if that would help
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    small run of parts

    pm sent. thanks
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    What is the oddest thing someone has said during an interview or prior to the intervi

    I worked in a small shop (6-7people including office staff) and the HR responsibilities were handled by the op manager who was excessively long winded. I'd go in asking a question on a part, which would be answered in the first 45 seconds, but take 20 minutes to tell a story.. Anyways, we had...
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    Finding Customers

    Clearly a poor choice of name here hahaha
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    Finding Customers

    Just finished up a production run in D2 with +/-.001" tolerance and did well as long as I stayed on top of tool wear. I've got a 3 axis mill (30x18x22) and a 14x40 lathe. It's not much but it's a start
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    Finding Customers

    Hey all. ive got a small part time shop near Dallas-Ft Worth. i work full time in a machine shop but i want to grow my customer base at my home shop and eventually turn it full time once i can invest in the machines and shop space to do so. I own the machines in my shop free and clear, so i...
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    In the market for turning center

    Awesome, thanks for the input!
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    In the market for turning center

    thank you for the input, i'll keep my eyes open
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    In the market for turning center

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced turning center for my home shop, I'm considering something like a qt or sqt. I don't know a ton about Mazak model numbers or comparables but those have caught my eye and would fit nicely in my space. How user friendly is the mazatrol controller? I've...
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    Will I be frustrated with a Haas TM2?

    The first VMC I ever ran was a TM2P. Very user friendly control and easy to navigate. I do believe the side doors clear. For the kind of work you're describing I don't see a ton of benefits of going to a VF2. (in my mind I'm thinking the VF offers faster rapids, rpm and tool changes, don't know...