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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    Well my title kinda says it. When I got the logs I didn't realize how bad the worms were. So I need to spray something on the boards to kill the darned things. I read somewhere that "permethrin" is recommended, then a supplier said its no go for what I need. Does anyone have any experience or...
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    FS Norton grinding wheels, 9"-1"-3"

    I just bought a Dayton 10" pedestal grinder that came with 8 spare wheels. I'd like to sell a couple, or more if I could. These seem to be large diameter wheels, 12" or 18" diameter originally, worn down to about 9". They are all "sound", with good square corners and not loaded. Difficult to...
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    Lots of Hardinge lathes in Anderson, SC

    I was in a surplus dealer in Anderson SC. I counted 11 various Hardinge lathes he had. They're all pretty dirty, etc, but he said he had slides, chucks, etc. Some seemed to be 2nd op machines. No idea on prices, but it may be interesting for some one. The contact # is (864) 303-3286. He also...
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    Segmented tube swaging die tooling.

    I have been asked if I can make the segmented die "pieces" for a hydraulic press used to open up the internal diameter of tubing - think exhaust size tubes. The 8 pieces are separate, held on the machine with some form of collar, so they can be expanded. I can see the turning of the bore and...
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    For interest - How were fly-presses made ?

    I was thinking about a flypress recently, and it took me back to my time as a kid working Saturday mornings at a little shop, and using a flypress to make brackets and the like. This type of presses uses a multi-start "square" thread to create the force. I can see how the thread on the "bolt"...
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    Brown & Sharpe 6" imperial dial caliper - dropped !!

    I have a nice B&S caliper that was working fine until I dropped it, and the dial came apart. Free to anyone that can repair and use i, just cover $5 so I can mail it.
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    Digital tachometer on a BP clone

    I've got my BP clone set up with an inverter duty motor, Fuji VFD and fixed single belt drive, and I'm very pleased with the results. I want to add a digital tach. I've found some on ebay, but of course no real details. Does anyone have any experience and recommendations they could share please...
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    Spindle vibration on a BP clone with VFD speed control

    Just finished conversion of a Seiki BP clone by adding new Baldor 3 hp Vector duty motor, new Woods single A belt taper lock pulleys, new belt. The machine ran fine with the old Reeves pulley system, until the belt crapped out, so I took the opportunity to rebuild the drive system I have a...
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    ER40 collet chuck on 21" swing Colchester lathe

    I have a 21" x 80" Colchester / Harrison lathe with a 12" chuck. It's a very large chuck for small diameter work, and high speeds with that chuck makes it hard to concentrate ! So I'm thinking a simple inexpensive option for small work might be an ER40 manual collet chuck. I was thinking I...
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    Supermax Series II YC-2VAS manual

    Does anyone have a manual or know where I could get one please ? This is the large knee mill with power feeds on all axes. Paper or pdf, or maybe one I could borrow one and copy ? I need to get into the table feed mechanism, and the wiring needs to be cleaned up. Thanks in advance, Bob
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    Overload tripping on rotary converter

    Well I've spend a significant amount of time and money building a rotary converter, and I've got issues I'm not understanding. I'm an engineer, but not electrical. This is the Jim Hanrahan design I got from the sticky here. Brand new 20 hp Baldor 3450 rpm motor. WEG 50 amp contactors...
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    ACME Gridley 6 spindle auto lathe - Craigslist

    An interesting piece of kit, if anyone is interested. I have no affiliation with seller. Acme 6 spindle automatic lathe - tools - by owner - sale I used to work at a shop with 90 of these, yes 90, all running on cutting oil. Could hardly see one end of shop to the other. Bob
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    Welding clamps that fit in hole in table - hole specs

    I'm thinking of building a welding table and saw these welding clamps: WeldingSupply UDN5150 $17.25 They look really good. It seems they jam in the hole due to the clamping load tipping the clamp over. Does anyone know what the hole specs are please ? Diameter ? (Seems to 5/8") Thickness of...
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    6x6 Caterpillar rolling chassis

    I was going to title the thread "Got to have one of these", but oh well, this title may leave it up for all to ponder..... 6x6 Diesel Chassis - heavy equipment - by dealer - sale
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    what is a reasonable max size flycutter for a CAT 40 knee mill ?

    I have a Supermax 5 hp knee mill, and I'm making a flycutter for it. I have a piece of 1-1/2" plate, about 9" diameter. I good stout tool (did I really right that ?), is good for vibration etc, but it looks massive compared to a Cat 40 shell mill holder. Thoughts on the diameter, thickness and...
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    Salvage a 12" magnetic chuck

    I got this chuck with a mill I recently bought. I'm amazed how badly it is chewed up. It still seems to operate and hold stuff. I had the impression that it was bad to remove much from the surface 'cause it could damage the chuck. The cuts seem to be 80 to 100 thou deep. Do you think it could be...
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    Bridgeport 15" Rotary Table.

    I picked up this table with a mill I bought, but I already have a Troyke. In good condition with no table damage, except a small ding that could be stoned out. Pick up near Greenville SC (29356) or I could crate and ship for whatever the shipping costs. $650 or best offer. Thanks for interest. Bob
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    MT4 drill bits for sale

    Let's try this again.... MT4 Drill bits sale, all American, freshly sharpened, good lands, good tapers (one exception). I can ship USPS or UPS, whichever is cheapest, or pick up near Greenville, SC. $25 each, plus shipping. Thank you for your interest, Bob 1-1/8" x12" (2) 1-1/4" x 11-1/2'...
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    4" adjustable Boring head CAT 40

    I picked up 2 of these at a sale, but only need one. Accupro Cat 40 shank, 1-1/2" x 18. No brand marking on the boring head. 1" boring bars. Seems to be in pretty good condition, with some staining. Asking $300, inc USPS Flat Rate shipping within US. Thanks for interest, Bob