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    Small mill selection

    Hi all, My company is searching for a small milling machine to make mainly aluminum parts with the odd stainless and steel part. It would not be a production machine, but rather used for R&D. Things that are important to us are surface finish, accuracy, and speed. We did a pretty big deep...
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    Tips on purchasing a toolpost grinder

    I have a TOS S28 lathe which is something like a 13x30 and I think has a 5hp motor. Going from memory here. The distance from the compound slide to the spindle centreline is ~1.125". I want to get a toolpost grinder for it, but having never used one before, would like to get some tips on...
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    cheap aloris BXA toolholders

    A couple months ago I was searching the web for cheap Aloris brand QC toolholders and found this one site that had them for $40ea. They also sold chinese versions for much cheaper. Despite googling my heart out, I couldn't find the site again. Does anyone know of this place? I prefer getting...
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    Looking for TOS S28 Lathe manual...

    Hi, I bought this lathe a couple weeks ago... It's a TOS S28. 13"x40". Just finished running the wire from the transformer yesterday. I'm wondering though, does anyone have the manual for this lathe? I would be extremely grateful to obtain a copy somehow. I specifically need to know...
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    Can you identify this lathe?

    This lathe is for sale in my area, but unfortunately the guy can't tell me what brand it is. I've looked through a bunch of pics on lathe.co.uk... there are just too many to look though! http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rds/tls/1410670180.html Thanks for any help.