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  1. Dope

    Anyone ever replaced/repaired the LCD screen on a Mitutoyo SJ-500 surftest?

    I have an older (90s) SJ-500 surftest/profilometer and the screen suddenly died on it. When examining it closely I realized that the backlight for the LCD is dead because if I shine a bright light on the screen, I can still see everything. The touchscreen functionality still works and...
  2. Dope

    Hackjob repair for a table/gib that's worn in the center of travel? Cincinatti 2MH

    I'm sure this is a fairly common issue, and I know the right way to fix it. Sure, re-grind the table/gib, scrape it in, done. However, in my case, I'm using this machine - a 1938 Cincinnati 2MH - for roughing out larger pieces that don't need tight tolerances. I'm hardly a real machinist, more...
  3. Dope

    Schunk 10" and Auto Strong 8" 3-Jaw CNC lathe power chucks

    I've got two of these Schunk 10" 3-jaw chucks, they are part #THW 265-71. No idea what these are worth so I am asking $1000 each. They weigh around 100lbs and will be shipping UPS ground from 46041. I'm guessing these were around $4000-5000 new. Plus, three of these Auto Strong 8" 3-jaw...
  4. Dope

    Robbins/XLO/Suburban Tool magnetic chucks/sine chucks in various sizes

    I've got a few mag chucks for sale, I figured I'd throw them into a post. These have all been tested and all are nearly flawless except for one of the 4"x4" chucks which has some minor damage. Please contact me for a shipping quote, the bigger ones will likely be in the ballpark of $100 as they...
  5. Dope

    Mitutoyo 12"&18" HDS Absolute Digimatic height gages & Starrett 12x8x2 granite plates

    Mitutoyo 12"&18" HDS Absolute Digimatic height gages & Starrett 12x8x2 granite plates I have a whole bunch of 12" and 18" versions of these Mitutoyo HDS Absolute Digimatic height gages. Code 570-312 (Model HSD-H12"C) and 570-313 (Model HSD-H18"C). The plates are Starrett 12x8x2" pink granite...
  6. Dope

    Question about maximizing cutting efficiency on an old Cincinnati horizontal mill

    Hello friends, So, for years, my only milling machine has been an old 1HP step-pulley Bridgeport. I do a lot of heavy material removal so I was always pushing the machine as hard as it could go. It was pretty easy to determine how hard I could go, because the machine would just start chattering...
  7. Dope

    WTB: Wohlhaupter UPA4 and UPA5 shanks

    I would consider 40 or 50 taper shanks for either if you have them. Thanks, Dope
  8. Dope

    Source for removable Wohlhaupter arbor/shanks? UPA4/UPA5 specifically

    Hello friends, I have the opportunity to purchase a Wohlhaupter UPA4 and 5 for a good price, however neither comes with the arbor. After doing a bunch of searching it seems like these are fairly proprietary with pins that locate the arbor and such. I haven't been able to find any of these for...
  9. Dope

    Troyke TIL-9-B 9" tilting rotary table 4th/5th axis with Fanuc servo and control

    This is a Troyke TIL-9-B 9" tilting rotary table 4th/5th axis. Tilting is manual, rotation is servo-controlled. Fanuc servo and control, servo is a Model 5S, Type A06B-0314-B504 #7008. Serial No is C072M1785. It has two large cables that appear to control it. I measured them roughly, they are a...
  10. Dope

    Hardinge Sjogren No.2 2J collet chuck with L0 mount

    Not much to say about this one, she's in good shape, the wheel rotates smoothly. I'm asking $400 shipped in the continental US. Discount if you come pick it up in 46041, of course.
  11. Dope

    Nice Enco/Gamet facing & boring head. 3/4" capacity, R8 arbor. Box w/accessories

    Nice Enco/Gamet facing & boring head. 3/4" capacity, R8 arbor. Box w/accessories This is an Enco/Gamet boring and automatic facing head. It takes 3/4" boring bars and has an R8 arbor. Comes with the original wooden box, multiple boring bar extensions and holders, as well as a few boring bars...
  12. Dope

    Two different Mitutoyo 24" height gages w/carbide scribes (570-314)

    These are 24" Mitutoyo 570-314 height gages, both have carbide scribes and fresh batteries. I have tested them through the full range of motion and they are smooth and repeatable against one of my 1-2-3 blocks. These are basically the same vintage and condition, one has paint rubbed off the base...
  13. Dope

    How to lock the saddle on a 1941 Cincinnati No 2?

    I feel pretty foolish asking this but this machine is new to me and I can't figure it out. There's a large lever on the lower right of the knee that locks the knee, there are two hex bolts on the front of the saddle that locks the table. But for the life of me I can't figure out the saddle. I...
  14. Dope

    Atco 6"x6"x4.5" magnetic sine plate (MSP566CX) w/wrench

    This is an Atco 6"x6"x4.5" magnetic sine plate (MSP566CX) w/wrench. Appears to be very similar to the Suburban Tools model. Magnet has been tested. There are some very shallow marks on the surface, as you can see in the pictures. $400 + UPS ground shipping from 46041 (about 15lbs).
  15. Dope

    Two different Mitutoyo 515-311 12" Height Masters

    These are Mitutoyo 12" Height Master 515-311s with their original boxes. Nearly perfect cosmetically, even the box. Everything is in fantastic shape and works smoothly and easily. The first one is $450 and the second one is $400 (on account of the slightly worse cosmetic condition) plus UPS...
  16. Dope

    Best APKT 1604 insert for AR500?

    Hello friends, I primarily mill AR450/AR500 on my two old manual Cincinnati mills (vertical and horizontal). Huge amounts of material removal (100lbs per workpiece at times) using indexed EMs and facemills. So far the best I've used is Kennametal MP91 grade inserts but I'm looking for superior...
  17. Dope

    12"x8"x5" cast iron angle plate (060812)

    This is an unbranded 12"x8"x5" cast iron angle plate with 060812 cast into it. It has some superficial scratches in it but nothing major. $90. Weighs approximately 25lbs and can be shipped via UPS ground from 46041.
  18. Dope

    4x Albrecht keyless drill chuck JT33 taper, 1/32" - 1/2" / 1mm - 13mm capacity

    4x Albrecht keyless drill chuck JT33 taper, 1/32" - 1/2" / 1mm - 13mm capacity Albrecht keyless drill chuck. 1/32" - 1/2" / 1mm - 13mm capacity. Great condition, operates smoothly. Has a JT33/J33/33JT taper for endless shank mounting options. I have four of these for sale, they are all in...
  19. Dope

    Pristine Clausing 20" 150-2000RPM drill press 2276 w/50"x32" production table

    Pristine Clausing 20" 150-2000RPM drill press 2276 w/50"x32" production table This is a Clausing 20" model 2276 w/ 50"x32" Reynolds/RMT oil groove production table (42"x24" usable space). It has a 1.5hp two-speed 3-phase motor with a variable RPM range of 150-2000. It has an MT3 spindle with a...
  20. Dope

    Kalamazoo 13x19" 13AW horizontal bandsaw variable speed w/coolant pump

    This is a Kalamazoo 13x19" 13AW horizontal bandsaw. It is 3 phase 230v and has a 30' heavy-duty cord. Comes with a coolant pump that circulates through the guide arm. Variable speed drive, not a step pulley model. Casters have been welded to the legs for easy mobility as well. Finally, there is...