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    1959 10K spindle bearing adjustment/shims

    I tore down and reassembled my headstock. removed, cleaned and replaced shims - two in the front, 3 in the back including a very thin one (3 thou? - I didn't measure it). When I screwed the cap screws back down hand tight, spindle locked. So io can't put 20lbs on it. . Clearance with shims is...
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    calling late 50s/early 60s 10K owners - compound andd crossslide issues

    I've been stripping down and refurbishing the 10K I bought last year - as time permits. I am fairly confident its a 1959 (rear motor, cast iron legs). I've rewired the motor and switch, rebuild reversing gears, gearbox, apron, tailstock, crossslide and compound, using the ILION book (headstock...
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    10K compound dissasembly

    Having solved my locking shoe problem (see previous thread) following the ILION book (bible), it says to remove the bushing using a pin spanner in the hole. This is the bushing that the graduated collar runs against. But mine (1959) has no hole. Is mine somehow not standard or are some like...
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    funky 10K horizontal motor mount

    Hi Everyone, I posted this in an older thread on the same subject a few days ago and got not response so I'm reposting here - with edits - in case I buried it - apologies for cross-posting. I bought a 1959 10K a year ago from an estate sale. I was rebuilding it, but life go in the way fairly...
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    10K compound locking shoe saga

    Just making a report here. I'ver ben working through my 10K rebuild. When it came to removing the compound, one locking shoe would not come out. Initially I assumed it was stuck in with congealed bad lube, but weeks of soaking in PB blaster etc didn't budge it. Eventually I had to set the whole...
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    belt for back motor 10K

    My machine had a 1" flat belt - glued What is the opinion on replacements - is the $25 fleabay offering with the stainless steel joiner good? or something different? thx! A
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    10K tailstock felts

    I got the felt kit by ILION, but I don't see replacements for the wipers on my tailstock.I've got some 1/4" think felt, I could cut it up but its a bit thick. Any suggestions? thx!
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    old southbend instructional video - cutting taper

    FYI - found on youtube Old Southbend instructional movie taper.mp4(360p_H.264-AAC).mp4 - YouTube
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    10K levelling screws

    I've managed to uncover the leveling screws at the tailstock end of my lathe. The whole thing is glued up with many layers of paint. I understand you loosen one screw and tighten the other. Does this raise one side wrt tother? ie induce twist? What does the internal levelling mechanism look...
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    10K Saddle rebuild

    I’m rebuilding a 1959 10K bought from an estate sale. (110V back motor) I have the ILION book. Now working on saddle. Mine seems different in some ways from the ILION example. For instance, the 'cross feed screw' had no blind hole for pin wrench – I had to drill one. I have some...
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    10K Back gears/gearbox

    I’m rebuilding a 1959 10K bought from an estate sale (110V back motor). Gearbox was totally glued up and non-functional. Motor was weirdly wired (see separate thread). Have rewired, rebuilt back gears, gearbox and apron with new felts. Given life complexities, its a slow process. I’ve just...
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    Cutler Hammer 30-1420 reverse switch wiring w Dayton 110V Motor

    When I got my 10K lathe, the switch was wired wrong (no reverse function). My Dayton motor required swapping of two wires for reverse. FYI - Here’s the way I did it using the 30-1420 switch (effectively a 3pole double throw with center off).
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    Another motor/switch question 1959 10K

    Hi the 10K (rear-motor) I'm refurbishing has the odd pieces-of-gear and long lever switch arrangement. Switch has forward, off, reverse, settings but motor does not work in reverse. The existence of reverse on the switch would suggest it was reversible a some time. Switch wiring seems to...
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    10K gearbox and apron rebuild report: paint, pins and felts

    Hi because I know youall like pics, here's some of my rebuild in process of a 1959 10K. PO had slapped a lot of paint on it, and I had at first thought I'd just rebuild and leave the pale gray paint, but once I started scraping paint away from places it shouldn't be, on knobs and oilers, etc, I...
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    its me again - reversing gear disassembly

    I've got my reversing gear partially disassemble. The ILION books says that taking off the rear keyed gear should be done with an arbor press. What if you don't have one? I thought a gear puller might work but there's no clearance between the gear and the back plate. Any suggestions gratefully...
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    compound backlash/wear (newbie question)

    I'm a new owner of an old 10KL. How would I know if compound screw/nut were (unacceptably) worn? - amount of slop /backlash when dialing it back and forth? I've got about 50 thou on the dial. Also - what is the function of the set screw on the top of the compound nut? Is it an oiler and why is...
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    leaving the 9A brotherhood, joining the 10k brotherhood

    Hi all so, a couple of weeks ago I posted a thread 'joining the 9A brotherhood' but I came to understand it was false pretenses, turns out I have a ~1959 10K A. The 'A' on the gearbox made me think it was a 9A - I didn't know 10K came in an 'A' configuration. So can I join the 10KL club? :) I'm...
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    joining the 9A brotherhood

    Hi all I'm just saying hi as I've officially joined the 9A brotherhood. After some looking around I recently bought a 9A off CL - turned out to be an estate sale. SN 7595KAR 8. I believe its 1955 (year I was born). Motor at back, flat belt, on original cast iron legs (one cracked and repaired)...
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    Frejoth 12x36, 900 AE-G

    I've got access to a Frejoth 12x36, 900 AE-G gap bed lathe. Its seems in pretty good shape but leaks oil from the lower gear box - can't find where, but its pretty low down. I understand its 1980s vintage Taiwanese iron (?) that was rebadged by ACRA (1236?), Jet (1236), Grizzly (4003)...
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    Surface plates history and theory

    Hello Everyone. I've been thinking about Joseph Whitworth and his 3 plate method. In the 1830s, Whitworth formalised a method for creating flat (reference) surfaces, using scraping, correct to around 1/1,000,000”. (Not‘smooth’, but geometrically flat). This was called the three plate method -...