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    How should a size a central dust collection unit CFM?

    I want to size a dust collection unit for an application where there will be several grinding and drilling stations simultaneously working. How should I pick the correct CFM without going way overkill? I was thinking of getting a rough volume of all our fume hoods to get a general idea of what...
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    I want to temper a hardened pulley so I can turn it. Bad idea?

    I have a little pully adapter shaft that is pretty unique to a machine I'm working on and need to widen the motor arbor hole to fit a larger motor. My plan is to chuck it up in a lathe and turn a larger diameter arbor hole and enlarge the keyway, my problem is that its made from an unknown...
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    Looking in the Ohio area, what companies do drones or additive manufacturing?

    Hello all, I just finished up a ME degree and am looking around for an interesting starting position near Ohio or Indiana. It seems a bit overwhelming at the moment to find specific companies out of a haystack of employers when I don't recognize any names. Are there any companies to check out...
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    Found this in a job posting: Is ANSI 14.5Y a real thing?

    I came across an ME job position I'm wanting to apply for but there's something a little odd in the job description. I'm pretty sure whoever made it meant to type ASME Y14.5 (GD&T) but instead wrote "Engineering drawing standards (ANSI 14.5Y)" I'm pretty new to this industry in a professional...
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    Does anyone have a Cat V50 forklift? Trying to locate where my serial number is

    By chance does anyone have an old Cat tow motor? I have a V50 (from what I was told) forklift that has no data tags on it, estimate it was built back in the early 1980's. I'm trying to find a serial number stamped somewhere on it but so far have had no luck locating it. I called the Cat service...
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    Refrigerated air dryer question

    I found an old refrigerated air dryer that I want to use but don't really know anything about them. Do these units need to be part of a system of air tanks, ect.. to actually work or can I essentially just hook it inline with my compressor hose and get it to work? It's a really small 110v 10cfm...
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    Balancing my RFC, I keep blowing a start capacitor. Could voltage be an issue?

    I've built a 30hp RFC using the Fitch Williams converter plans posted here and am running into an issue when balancing it. As I gradually add Cp capacitance and record the voltages based on the plans chart I'll reach my recommended stop point when Vbc is approximately 1.03Vab (for capacitor Cp)...
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    Building an RFC, should I size my contactor based on expected in-rush current?

    I've been wondering, how should I select the contactor size for my RFC? I'm building it with a 30hp motor so I know there will be a substantial in-rush current to get it started. Do I need to account for that in-rush current by getting a bigger contactor or are they made to handle short spikes...
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    WTB: Bridgeport QJ-H quick change holders

    Longshot, but I'm looking for some additional tool holders for my Bridgeport quick change r8 holder. I'm not sure what the taper is on these, I only have a drill chuck and a boring head quick change mount at the moment. I would like to find some endmill holders for this system if anyone happens...
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    WTB: Dyna Mechtronics bt30 pull studs

    I'm looking for some BT30 pull studs made for Dyna Myte. I have a DM2800, but I assume that all of their bt30 spindles would accept the same studs? They're a 90's company long out of business that used pull studs longer than most standard length bt30 studs. I thought I'd ask before I went to the...
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    WTB: Low clearance BT30 tool holder

    I have very low tool height availability on my mill and want to find some low to zero clearance BT30 holders. Specifically, I need to find a 1/2" holder for a digital probe. I've seen Shars sells one for $80 I still might buy it then just grind the arbor stick-out flush with the locking...
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    I have a small rubber ball screw 'boot/rubber bellows' protective cover that is worn?

    I have a circa 1997 small CNC mill that was made in Japan (I think) a Dyna Myte DM2800 that I'm getting up and running again. I took the x and y-axis apart to clean and inspect and this machine has rubber bellows encasing the ball screws protecting them from dirt and chips. Two of these bellows...
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    How to remove rust from machined surfaces?

    What do you guys use to clean surface rust from machine ways? I bought a small milling machine at an auction that sat unused for a while and has a couple of areas where surface rust started to begin. So far I took it apart and soaked the table in evapo rust but I still have a "stained" area of...
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    Does anyone recognize this pneumatic tool logo?

    There's an online auction with a mystery pneumatic tool that looks kind of like a power taping drill. The description just says miscellaneous so no help there. It looks like it was probably made in the '80s. Do any of you guys recognize this logo? The last letter looks like a G to me.
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    Are punch sharpeners worth anything these days? (pic inside for attention!!!!)

    So I found an old pds-870 at my scrap yard that must have just been dropped off in really nice shape. Are these punch sharpeners worth anything these days? I really kinda wanted it but it also looked like it would never be used so I set it aside for my next trip there. Should I buy it for $0.25...
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    Should I even consider buying a plasma table made in the 80s?

    So I've never owned any type of cnc machine outside of 3d printers, am I crazy to buy a really old cnc machine/controller? I found an old lockformer cnc plasma table for sale probably slightly over what I could buy it from my scrapyard for. No plasma machine with it but the gantry works under...
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    Is this Japanese writing or Chinese writing?

    I picked up an indexer for a pretty good deal last week. Is this a Chinese one or a Japan one?
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    What is this? Hudson vertical mill

    So I found an online auction and was browsing threw it and found this "Hudson vertical mill" listed with only one shitty picture... gotta love the effort of auctioneers. Anyways its past the viewing inspection date and I'm intrigued enough by its small size to maybe bid scrap price on it. What...
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    WTB small milling vice

    I picked up a small horizontal mill with a 6"x20" table and need a small vice for it. Located near Dayton Ohio.
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    Brown and sharp no2 surface grinder question

    I have an opportunity to buy a brown and sharp no2 surface grinder for $300. From what I've see of it so far the grinder is buried in a small hole with probably 30 years of barn dust/oil on it. I've asked the owner to pull it out to a more well lit area where I can walk around it, is there...