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    Refurbish Craftsman/ Atlas?

    I had one. $100 off the back of a truck. I have a 9" SB. Much better. The gears on the Atlas are zinc and very brittle. Be patient. A good deal will come up. Jet, SB etc. A newer Asian lathe is better than a clapped out old American.
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    Favorite hand tool brands no longer available

    I bought Stahlwille when I was an appie in Zimbabwe in the 80s. Gedore was also available. Price in the US now is obscene! We were also given some USAG tools from Italy(Ferrari's official spanners). They are pretty good but also pricey here in the US.
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    OT: Impact wrench vs. breaker bar

    Impact wrenches are not good for tightening. My daughter's Honda transmission oil plug boss disintegrated when the mechanic loosed it by hand. Mechanic said a sure sign of impact wrench misuse.
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    What thread profile is stronger whitworth or unified/metric?

    Ten-odd years ago I went on a bolting course given by a Swedish bloke. He said noone was doing any research on inch-threads. Only metric. I've always wondered why Whitworth used 55 degrees rather than 60.
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    Ot. Thompson sub machine gun value

    Location! My cousin in Zimbabwe went to a government auction. A new in the grease Russian Maxim - $400, FN-FAL- $200. A couple of BRENs and a Sterling. The Thompson sold for $100! He did not bid because no ammo is available!
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    OT: salvage of WW2 shipwrecks

    Hello Herr. Hoffman. I was wearing my 5000GHz Pickelhaube at the time. I thought equipment manufacturers would just calibrate to allow for any residual radioactivity. Wrong Again!
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    OT: salvage of WW2 shipwrecks

    There is the occasional article about WW2 shipwrecks being salvaged. The main reason is that the steel was made before the A-bombs contminated the steel. I assume the steel is mostly mild steel and would have to be melted again and therefore contaminated anyway. Am I missing something?
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    Hiring new workers and pay scale of current workers, what options are there?

    Being fired for discussing payrates is a bit harsh, as is a standard salary for a job title. A past employer was consistent if you complained about Fred being paid more -"salaries are confidential - sorry." A machinist with 5 years service should get more than the gent with only one year.
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    Will 5 dollar diesel fuel distroy the used machinery market?

    Ford needs to make an extended cab Maverick. Toyota, Nissan etc need to make a small truck with a decent bed. Not a car wih open boot/trunk. Businesses and farmers the world over get by with 'small'trucks.
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    Why Did the Industrial Revolution Start in Britain?

    Take heart Mr.Doug. A mate of mine said the Brits have the brains and the Yanks have the money.
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    Why Did the Industrial Revolution Start in Britain?

    Read Iron Men. All about the blokes who started the whole thing. Whitworth etc. They were most impressed with Samuel Colt's interchangeability.
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    Belt lacing help needed

    I used braided fishing line As for serpenine belts , the best is to dissassemble the spindles and install it uncut. I laced one and when I tried to tighten the belt, the lacing tore out. I now use a 300mm long leather 'backer' glued on the back of the serpentine and laced with nylon cord.
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    Canadian Trucker's Convoy---Affecting supply chain?

    Less than a 1/3 of colonists revolted in 1776. Thr majority did not get to set the rules
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    Canadian Trucker's Convoy---Affecting supply chain?

    Canadians doing what Americans only talk about doing. Will there be a Peterloo event? NPR makes it sound like sedition, but point out that Americans are not joining the event on this side. Our comfort is more important.
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    Canadian Trucker's Convoy---Affecting supply chain?

    Mr.Trueturning: You believe Americans value their comfort over all else? Isn't that how we blamed the Germans for accepting the excesses of the Nazis? Guns, preppers etc. are just wasting their money. They will fold as soon as they hear lead and dried milk supplies are threatened.
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    The heresy of cutting oil?

    Havent read every post so may be duplicating. As Mr.Heaton said, the specific heat capacity of water is much higher than almost everything else, which is why the sea and you and I dont boil off in the sun. The oil lubes the cutting edge and the water removes the heat. Strange, considering water...
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    Are there to many 1 man shops for young folks to compete?

    Do not sell your house. Pay it off and then start saving the mortgage fee. You will soon be able to set yourself up. Being debt free puts you in control. I wish I was in your position.
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    Do Indian Lathe manufacturers make good All Geared Lathe ?

    Mr. Goldstein. Like Mr Heaton, I agree with you. Mr.Heaton is a first-class bloke. There is not much made here anymore. I purchased a couple of HSS taps (3/8 & 1/2). Both made in Serbia,probably on metric Russian machines!
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    OT? Aluminium alloy

    They used some as the topping of a skyscraper.
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    OT? Aluminium alloy

    Thanks. Seeing these being sold alongside Rolexes made me ask what the material was. I was shocked when they said alumninium cast in Mexico. Seemed a little out of place and they were not cheap. The polish was pretty impressive although the underside was as cast.