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  1. TripleCautionMW

    CHNC-1 Parts Catcher

    Playing around today with the parts catcher on my Hardinge CHNC-1 and found an interesting problem. When I key in M26 in the over store screen it extends the parts catcher, key in M25 and it retracts without any issues. Then I add the M26 code into my program and it extends for about 5 seconds...
  2. TripleCautionMW

    WTB Mazak Chip Conveyor

    Looking to buy a chip conveyor for my 1998 Mazak QT-20. Let me know if you have any old iron you want to part with. Thank you!
  3. TripleCautionMW

    WTB Chip Conveyor

    Looking to purchase a chip conveyor for my 1998 Mazak QT-20. Let me know if you’ve got a parts machine and want to make some cash. Thanks!
  4. TripleCautionMW

    QT20 T Plus Z Axis Won’t Home

    Hello, I recently purchased a Mazak QT20 lathe with a T Plus control. Everything worked fine (minus quill retract) when I inspected it prior to purchase. Machine was rigged professionally and transported to my shop but the previous owner did not install any kind of shipping brackets prior to...
  5. TripleCautionMW

    Hardinge CHNC1 RS232 Comm Issue

    Hello and thank you in advance for the collective knowledge of this group. I own a Hardinge CHNC 1 with a Siemens 810T control. I am attempting to DNC a program to the control and I am getting the following error, "32 ORD14 Data format error (RS232)". I rechecked my cable pinout and everything...
  6. TripleCautionMW

    Hardinge CHNC 1 - 6000 Emergency Stop

    Hi Guys, I’ve done some digging around and can’t seem to find any posts on successfully clearing a “6000 EMERGENCY STOP” error on a Siemens 810 controlled CHNC. I just got this lathe powered up, fluids topped off and air run to the machine. Upon initial power up I attempted to reference the...
  7. TripleCautionMW

    ISO 7x12 Horizontal Bandsaw

    Hi Everyone - I am looking to add larger saw capacity in my small home shop. I currently get by with a cheap Harbor Freight saw that is driving me absolutely insane. I don't often do anything over 6" in diameter but I would like to have some additional capacity for growth. I am looking for a...